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How Much Is 5000 Views On YouTube?

In 2021, YouTube generated around  $19.7 billion in income, a 30.4 percent annual growth, and had more than 2.7 billion users globally. Ryans World, a well-known kids’ channel on YouTube, made $29.5 million in 2020. The question you are really interested in is how much money YouTubers make after a specific number of views or 5000 views on YouTube. Various methods of making money on YouTube have emerged thanks to the expanding creative economy. A quality audience and engaging content cannot be replaced, even when some strategies have a lower entry barrier than earning money from ads. People discussing video views are a common topic of conversation. Are views what generate revenue, then?

YouTube’s advertising revenue, channel memberships, fantastic chats and awesome stickers, channel memberships, merch shelves, and Youtube Premium Revenue all assist creators in making money from their channels. If you meet the requirements, you can also be eligible for Shorts bonuses as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund.


What is the money-making process on YouTube?

Let’s look more closely at how YouTube creators make money.

Let’s start by clearing this up first. The biggest challenge in joining the YouTube Partner Program is getting beyond the 1,000-subscriber threshold. The door will then be opened for you to start making money from advertising. There are a few more prerequisites that must be met before you can become a partner:

  • You must reside in an eligible region, and your films must comply with the site’s advertising policies and have had more than 4,000 recent public watch hours.
  • You must connect your Google AdSense account.
  • When satisfied with the conditions, you can apply by going to your profile and selecting the “monetization” tab, and selecting your profile.

Ads, membership benefits, and services like Super Chat allow you to make money as a partner allowing users to pay to have their remarks highlighted while watching a live feed.

5000 Views On YouTube

5000 Views YT Budget


Views needed on YouTube to make money

The YouTuber needs to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which has requirements for particular subscriber thresholds and at least 4,000 public view hours in the previous 12 months in order to monetize videos. YouTube pays range from 6 to 80 rupees per thousand views in India. So you receive about 400 INR for 5k. Your income varies depending on how much YouTube makes from your channel every 1000 views. YouTube charges fees for advertisement views and clicks. These costs change depending on the sector.

Channel Niche

Approx. Income Per 1000 Views in Rupees

Movie Review 19 – 44.03
Education Channels 9.24 – 71.04
Comedy Channels 22.05 – 29.4
Science and Tech 24.20 – 139.05
DIY 8 – 30.11
Entertainment or Gaming 7.35 – 74.70
Recipes 7.35 – 66.17


Subscribers  Needed to Make Money on YouTube

The account holder must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which necessitates that the account has at least 1,000 followers in order to start making money on YouTube.

Earn More Than What YouTube Pays

Although income is good, there is more. We have a good understanding of YouTube’s payment policies.


YouTube video producers can make money from sponsorship in addition to adverts and subscriptions. Influencers are frequently sought after by brands to promote their goods and services. With such a large user base, YouTube’s platform is fantastic for advertising. Through partnerships with the owners of YouTube accounts, third parties can profit from the platform’s user base.

Brand Endorsements

Endorsements are secured by agreements between a third party and the YouTube influencer. The YouTuber has given the promotion their stamp of approval. They provide their viewers with some kind of assurance and stick by the claims they make about the products. The influencer receives payment for endorsing a product, company, or service.


Youtube influencers with a large following and a successful channel can increase their income by selling products or merch. T-shirts and hats with a YouTuber’s logo connect fans to the channel and can increase their sense of devotion.

Turn to crowdfund

Another monetization strategy you can utilize to sustain your channel is crowdfunding. The two main types of crowdfunding are project-based and recurring. Fans of the channel pay a nominal monthly price for benefits and/or an exclusive tier of access in the former, which is better suited for content creators.



After the video is posted, YouTube income is passive as long as it is being seen. Keep note of the most successful videos, then produce others with a related subject. Your income will increase as your video library and viewership does.

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