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Why Is My YouTube Video Showing No Views?

It gets depressing when we see few or no views on YouTube videos, especially after countless hours of filming, editing, and optimizing them.

YouTube is all about anticipating what people are looking for in your content. You don’t have to worry about some other channel getting millions of views. You just need to be specific with your idea of a youtube video.


Reasons your YouTube videos not getting any views, and How to fix it?

There can be many reasons for your YouTube videos not touching higher views. Not choosing the right topic can be one of them. If you choose a topic your audience is not interested in, they are not going to watch your videos. You need to find the correct keyword for YouTube videos to gather a huge audience for the channel. YouTube has a very unique algorithm. The YouTube algorithm follows an audience. YouTube tries to match each viewer to the video they’re most likely to watch and enjoy.

No Views on YT Video

YouTube Video Showing No Views


  • The title and thumbnail of the video also matter in terms of getting views for your YouTube video. The purpose of the title and thumbnail is to capture your viewer’s attention. If nobody clicks on your video after looking at the title or thumbnail of your video, you will be wasting all the time you spent creating it. You can place your main keyword phrase at the beginning and end of your title to get your viewers to click on the video.
  • Most creators often ask what kind of videos the algorithm of YouTube like the most. According to YouTube, the algorithm follows the audience and pays particular attention to what they watch, what they don’t watch, how much time they spend watching a video, likes or dislikes, and ‘not interested feedback.’ Therefore make sure your topic, title, thumbnail, description, and video content all relate to each other. Relevance plays a major role in getting views on a YouTube video.
  • If you optimize your video correctly, it is more likely to be discovered in search engines. If you want your videos to be recommended by YouTube, you will need a high engagement rate. Using a strong hook at the beginning of the video. You can make a bold statement, ask a question or tease about what comes up next in the video. You should avoid long introductions and place introductions at the beginning of your video.
  • Make sure your video content is not different from what is promised in the title and thumbnail. You must end your video with a strong call to action, such as liking the video and subscribing to your channel. You can also work out a few things with the way you edit your videos. How you edit your videos plays a significant role in high audience retention.
  • Knowing what your subscribers like to watch on your channel can help you get more and more views on videos. When you get subscribers and viewers returning to your channel to watch more of your content, it sends a clear message to the YouTube algorithm that they should be promoting it to more people. This results in a free promotion from YouTube and in surfacing your content to a wide audience.
  • Another reason for not getting views on your videos is that your content is not interesting. So try choosing a topic that interests your viewers and keeps them engaged throughout the video. The more you upload videos to your channel, the more views you receive. If you are uploading once a week, try uploading twice.

These are some reasons why your video is showing ‘no views’ and some ways that can help you solve this problem.

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