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How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1 Billion Views in India?

For Google and, in general, YouTube has emerged as the most popular platform for everyday users to stream videos. Since its first uploaded video, it has gathered an astounding number of fans. There have been a lot of videos that have now gotten more than a billion views, with a lot of Indian content also being one of them.

This Google platform garnered a lot of fame not just because of the content but also because it paid it’s content makers a good amount of money based on their popularity, quality of content, and the number of views. Depending on these factors, YouTubers are paid different amounts of money when they hit a certain number of views on their videos. In this article, we are going to discuss how much a label or individual gets paid for 1 billion views. Without any hurry, let’s get started and find our answers.


How Much Does an Indian Earn From 1 Billion Views on YouTube?

As mentioned above, different types of videos get paid different amounts of money for 1 billion views. These are mentioned as –

  • If you make funny or comedic content, you get a whopping 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh (approximation).
  • The most famous genre – music – is paid 1 lakh to 2 lakh in Indian rupees.
  • A food channel owner is also getting paid around 1 lakh in Indian Rupees.
  • You are paid around two lakh INR if you have a channel where you roast things or people.
  • If a technical channel hits 1 billion views, he/ she is paid around 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh rupees.
  • You will receive compensation of about 1 lakh INR for streaming gaming content.
1 Billion Views on YouTube Worth in India

Amount Paid By YouTube For 1 Billion Views in India

In other words, you receive payment in lakhs if you reach this number of views and are an Indian citizen. The provided figures may increase or decrease due to the number of ads offered, a concept explained in the next section.


Are people paid differently in different countries?

YouTube must generate revenue in order to compensate the content producers. This is accomplished by providing advertisements to the viewers for a predetermined period prior to the beginning of the video and occasionally during the middle and end. The companies that create and publish advertisements on it pay for it.

To draw in customers, each nation uses distinctive advertisements tailored to that nation’s needs. Each country has a different range for both quantity and duration. As the number of ads rises, so does their cash on hand, and as a result, they pay their content creators more. Therefore, the query we posed in this subsection has a positive response! YouTube pays differently depending on the nation. An Indian content maker on Youtube gets paid less than a content maker who lives in the USA.


What Are Some of the Indian Videos to Hit 1 Billion Views?

To begin with, the most watched Hindi video on YouTube is “Humpty the Train on a Fruit Ride” by “Kiddiestv Hindi – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs,” which became the first Indian video on YouTube to cross 1 billion views on December 26, 2019. The first and only non-musical, non-kids video to reach 1 billion views is “Chotu ke Golgappe,” uploaded by “Khandeshi Movies.”

In addition to these, there are numerous music videos that have received more than a billion views in India, including Bhajans, kids’ songs, and songs from well-known movies. A total of 38 videos from India have received more than 1 billion views on this platform, making it one of the nations with the most popular video content.

There are many videos that are extremely popular and have a lot of views all over the world. For informational purposes, South Korean singer Psy was the first YouTuber to receive one billion views. The kids’ song “Baby Shark,” also from South Korea, currently holds the record for most views on the platform.


Being a Youtuber is one of many new jobs that have emerged in the modern age to replace old ones that have vanished. Don’t hesitate to take out your cameras or phones and start shooting if you have skills that the world can see. Who knows, you might be a millionaire and one of the most popular streamers.

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