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How Do YouTube Playlist Views Work?

If you are a well-known influencer, being a YouTuber is also regarded as a full-time, well-paying job. Numerous videos are added, liked, disapproved, added to, or removed from playlists each day. In other words, there are lots of activities going on there. If your video receives a sufficient number of views, you will be compensated accordingly. YouTube inserts numerous advertisements before, during, or after videos in order to make money to pay its content creators.

YouTube offers a playlist feature in addition to these essential character traits, which will be the subject of our discussion today. Make sure to read till the end to learn more about the playlist function of our favourite app!


Playlist Feature on YouTube

A playlist is a group of videos that are typically arranged according to a subject or theme. Anyone can create playlists, share them, and invite friends to add videos to them. The other videos in a playlist begin playing once a user starts watching one.

They are a crucial feature that significantly benefits content creators. As the videos in a playlist are played one after the other without a time delay, the video’s watch time lengthens. They are incredibly useful when a user is looking for organized items. Because playlists can rank for keywords your audience searches for on YouTube, they are very beneficial for video SEO.

Views On YT Playlist

YouTube Playlist Views


Views on a YouTube playlist

Views of playlists on YouTube are counted differently from views of videos. These views are separate from regular videos, as they are counted and tracked differently. It’s simple to find out how many times a playlist has been viewed, but it’s more challenging to figure out how those views were attained.

The person who made the playlist does not receive any views for any of the videos that are not on their channel. Nevertheless, if a channel owner compiles a playlist of their uploads, they can still earn views from viewers as long as they adhere to Youtube’s legal view policy. Again, when a video within a playlist receives a view, the playlist itself does not. They receive views only when a video is watched after a viewer has looked inside the playlist.

If the playlist receives fewer views than other playlists that receive a lot of views, it might be necessary to optimize it. This can be achieved by sharing playlists rather than individual videos. Additionally, showing playlists on your YouTube channel page may increase the number of playlist views.


Views on a Normal Video

Let’s examine the calculation of video views in general. When a viewer adheres to the guidelines established by YouTube, his/her views are counted, which include the —

  • The viewer is watching an entire video ad that lasts between 11 and 30 seconds.
  • He/ She watches a longer video for at least 30 seconds.
  • The viewer responds to an advertisement by clicking on it.

Many times, you may have noticed that the views freeze. This is because the algorithm needs to process them, determine whether they are from humans or bots, and filter them. Because YouTube must pay the content uploader when their video receives a certain number of views, and in order to do so, many crucial steps are taken by them. They can’t afford to pay for some kind of fraud there.


Where Can Views of Playlists Be Found?

Any playlist’s views are easily accessible by clicking on them. You can see the total views by simply opening your playlist. You will see “3000 views” under the title of your playlist if, for example, a particular video has been viewed 3000 times within the playlist. It makes no difference if some of the videos on the playlist are from different channels. You can view playlist data even if you’ve never uploaded a video. Aside from that, it’s also available in YouTube’s creator studio.



Playlists are a fantastic tool for increasing views and watch time minutes, which significantly aids in generating revenue. They are extremely useful but underappreciated despite having many distinguishing features. You can significantly benefit by expanding your videos’ reach and making them trend by understanding how playlist views are counted and where to look for them. Hopefully, this article solved all your queries about the playlist feature on YouTube.

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