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How To View Watch Time On YouTube?

YouTube is a free-of-cost video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even make and upload your videos to share with others. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, the most popular video-sharing platform. You’re sure to find hours and hours of videos on subjects you’re passionate about with that much content to watch. If you’ve ever watched a video on the internet, it was a YouTube video. For example, almost all video tutorials on any website are YouTube videos. YouTube has videos of adorable cats, quirky cooking demos, funny science lessons, quick fashion tips, and much more.


Why is Watched Hour Important? 

It’s wise to keep track of how much time you spend browsing content on YouTube, given that it is not the only thing you do in your life. Now you can do that because of the “Time watched” feature. While this feature is available on the YouTube app for Android and iOS smartphones, it is not available on the tablet version. Time Watched is also not available on the platform’s web version. And, at this point, it’s unclear whether YouTube’ll ever enable it. Before you begin, please ensure that you have the most recent YouTube app update on your smartphone, whether an iOS or Android app.

See Time Watched on Your YT Videos

YT Watch Time


How can you see that?

Follow these three steps to see how much time you’ve spent watching YouTube videos.

  • Now, on your smartphone, launch the YouTube app.
  • In the top right corner, tap on the “Account” icon that looks like your profile picture.
  • Select and tap on “Time watched.”
  • Here, you can view the time on your watch for today, yesterday, and the previous seven days.

Your daily average is another helpful statistic that can help determine if you’ve been spending too much time watching YouTube daily. Please remember that if you use YouTube Music or TV, these times will not be accounted for in the “Time Watched” feature. Aside from this restriction, the watch times are calculated based on all other YouTube products you’ve used to access the video content. Removing a video from your watch history will no longer count toward your watch time. Additionally, the “Watched Hours” feature of YouTube will not count any views made in Chrome’s Incognito mode or any other browser feature with a comparable function. Due to these modes’ privacy and security, traffic is not added to your watch history.


Other important settings

In addition to the statistics mentioned above, this feature includes a few other tools that Youtube can use to optimise your watch time-:

  • Remind Me to Take a Break-> You can set a reminder to appear while watching videos using this option so that you are effectively reminded to take a break. It will automatically stop the video for you when the time comes.
  • Remind Me When It’s Bedtime-> You can choose the specific times you want to be reminded to stop watching videos and go to bed using this feature.
  • Autoplay Next Video On/Off -> One video ends, and another starts playing immediately. After half an hour of inactivity while connected to a mobile network, Autoplay will end.


With so much content available on YouTube, the time Watched feature is a welcome addition. It allows you to track how much time you spend watching videos daily.

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