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How To View Hidden Comments On YouTube?

A video’s comment section on YouTube is a significant feature since it allows viewers to interact directly with the producer. However, occasionally your feedback appears to get lost in transit. You’re positive you entered it and clicked “Send,” but the message you just sent doesn’t appear in the comments.

  • Your Post Was Marked as Spam

You may be marked as spam if you leave the same comment on many videos. If several people report your comments as spam, this may also happen.

If that happens, you won’t be able to do things like leave comments on videos anymore. YouTube’s spam detection system will automatically delete any further statements.

  • There is an external link in your comment.

Links posted as comments on videos are often removed without warning. YouTube’s algorithm looks down upon words containing external links since they take users away from the video’s creator page and are typically spam. To combat the proliferation of YouTube spambots, which can spread malware by posting links to questionable websites in the comments, YouTube has implemented this new policy. YouTube will often alert the video’s maker, who can then choose to publish the remark or remove it.

  • Third, Swearing and Other Explicit Language Are Present in Your Comment

YouTube prohibits foul or sexually explicit language as part of its policy on maintaining a family-friendly environment. Therefore, your comments may be removed from the platform if they contain an exact word.

  • Fourth, what you said constitutes hate speech.

YouTube is making more significant attempts to remove hate speech from its site. This implies that we will remove any comments promoting or encouraging racism or Nazism. Discrimination based on age, gender identity, caste, sexual orientation, and religion is included in YouTube’s definition of hate speech. This means that your remark will be removed if it is found to violate the anti-hate speech guidelines.

  • Another Reason Why Your Remark Is Rude

One person’s indecent may be another’s a perfectly reasonable opinion.

However, there are certain cases where YouTube will delete a comment for this reason. For instance, words that promote or glorify self-harm or suicide will be marked as unsuitable and deleted without human intervention. YouTube also removes pornographic and sexually explicit comments. Similarly, if YouTube determines that your remarks are emotionally hurtful to other users, it may remove them.

Your feedback is currently under review. There is a chance that your feedback will not be removed (yet). Some channels hold user feedback until the creator reads through it. All comments or those containing certain words may be subject to this moderation. No longer visible or awaiting moderation? Your previous comments have been removed. Your remark will be moderated and posted in the comments section once it has been accepted. You may read about your comments in YouTube’s Community Guidelines if your comments are deleted. You can always think about what you can’t say on YouTube if that’s too much information. YouTube also includes a function that prompts you to think twice before posting a remark if you feel it might be offensive.


When a comment is inappropriate, whose job is it to delete it?

Therefore, the comment areas are heavily moderated by bots. Videos and comments that break YouTube’s rules will be removed automatically by the site’s algorithms. According to a Google transparency report, between October and December of 2021, YouTube deleted over 1.2 billion offending comments.

However, the algorithm isn’t foolproof and often fails to account for humans’ subtleties and context. In particular, many designers have noted that the algorithm isn’t particularly effective at identifying spam comments. The comments section of YouTube does get reviewed and occasionally deleted by a real human being. As we’ve already established, video makers also can edit or remove comments from their channels. However, it’s simple to imagine how challenging it would be to keep up with the number of videos and the magnitude of the viewership on the platform.


Have you ever been browsing YouTube comments and stumbled upon a comment that wasn’t immediately obvious?

You may have also encountered this issue while attempting to react to a word and discovering that the statement you were trying to reply to had been buried. This post will explain how to access YouTube’s unseen user comments. Several explanations are possible. Perhaps the commenter prefers that their comment remain private. It’s also possible that the remark is breaking YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Whatever your motivation, YouTube does provide a few methods for accessing otherwise hidden comments. One technique to access these hidden comments is using a third-party website or extension. You may do this with the help of several online resources and browser add-ons.

A few examples are provided below. A second option for viewing hidden comments is to contact the comment’s original author and politely request that they unhide it—the best way to respond to a concealed comment. You can access previously unseen words on YouTube by selecting the “replies” option located directly beneath the statement. When you click on that comment, you’ll see every single response to it, even the ones that weren’t publicly visible before. Signing in to your YouTube account is required if you wish to read the comments generally hidden from the public. A user can view all hidden comments by clicking the “comments” option that appears beneath any video after logging in.

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