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How To Get Views On Your First YouTube Video?

How to make the first video for your YouTube channel?

We know even just the thought of shooting a youtube video and posting it online is overwhelming and scary at the same time. What is considered to be a good youtube video? A video that has good audio quality, which is easy to make, and also which can get views.

  • Step one in the process of making a good YouTube video is to come up with an idea. You can take ideas from other creators you see online, or if you are not decided on the purpose of your video, you can simply try shooting a vlog. If you know what your channel will be about, think about what people want to watch. What are those things people are searching for which you can fulfill with your videos?
  • A very crucial part of making a video is writing down the script. Write down the bullet points of your script, which you will discuss in your video.
  • Starting a new youtube channel is daunting, and when you add on a new hobby of shooting video, taking a thumbnail, and taking photos, it gets fascinating.
  • Good quality audio is also essential for a youtube video. If you make mistakes with the audio quality, people will click off and not watch your videos.
  • Also, editing a video together is essential. You can do this on your smartphone, computer, or any sort of tablet you have. When it comes to editing, there are endless possibilities that one can do. Be it adding text, sound effects, graphics, transitions, etc. Editing can be beneficial in making a video likable on the internet. Doing simple things like adding a little music and maybe a few sound effects can be a fun way to spice up your edit.

Once you are done with posting the video online, share it with everyone you know. Share your video and get people to youtube to check out your video.


Acquire First Viewers on your YouTube Video

Gain More Views on your First YT Video

How to quickly get more views on your first YouTube video?

The primary purpose of a creator in making videos and posting them online on Youtube is to get views. To start getting views on YouTube, you need a great video, a good thumbnail, and a title.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube, and people usually watch videos that fulfill their needs or want. So to get youtube views, there has to be demand for your videos. There have to be people who are interested in what your video is about. You need to be consistent about the content you post, as YouTube greatly favors the creators who give the right volume of content to their audience. Apart from making a fantastic video, there are other ways to generate more views on your YouTube videos. There are some sites or companies that sell YouTube views and subscribers. They claim to provide legit services and have helped people grow their channels in less time. But it is recommended to cross-check everything about the website you are going forward with. It is important to know if the views or subscribers they sell are real or bots. It is entirely in your hands if you want to go with the time and let your channel grow organically or ahead of time by buying views for your videos. But it is important to understand that YouTube is all about community, and it is the duty of the creator to post factual content for the public.


Final Words:

Also, last but not least, follow the basic rules of promoting any video for a high number of views. Promote your video by sharing it with the people you know. These people can be your friends, family, or anyone. Share the link to your youtube video through your social media handles and even ask your close ones to do the same. You need people’s support for your content’s popularity, and building relationships with viewers is necessary for promoting your videos and getting more views.

Appeal to people to like and share your video and subscribe to your channel so they don’t miss any updates on your channel and you don’t miss out on views. These are the normal things that can reap huge benefits for any creator.

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