How To View Banned YouTube Videos?

The well-known video-sharing website YouTube enables users to view, like, comment on, upload, and share media. The use of this online streaming service is free. Due to restrictions in Vietnam, China, and certain other nations, only a few can access it globally.


Why are videos from YouTube blocked?

YouTube videos may be restricted for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Prohibitions on the broadcast may prevent you from accessing the video in your area. This is typically caused by a company needing to have the right to show the video material in your nation.
  • Because YouTube was placed on the network’s block list by your school or place of employment’s authorities, your network has been blocked.
  • You might be unable to play the video on your computer due to technical difficulties.
  • The content of the video has limitations that prevent it from streaming in your area.
  • The government has implemented national censorship to bar citizens from accessing certain content or the YouTube app and website.
View Banned YouTube Videos

Watch Banned YT Videos


How to view blocked YouTube videos?

Here are six methods for getting around YouTube region restrictions and watching videos restricted in your nation.

  • VPNs

The most secure and effective method of hiding your IP address is through a VPN (a virtual private network). It makes it simple to conceal your IP address and get around the YouTube region lock. VPNs have strong security features that help you remain more anonymous online. With the use of a VPN, you can access Internet resources that are geographically restricted.

  • Employ Google Translation

One of the many solutions that permits you to access banned YouTube videos is Google translate. Conduct a language-specific search for the videos you enjoy. If you don’t know any other languages, you can use Google Translate to acquire the English, German, Portuguese, French, etc., interpretation of your search query.

The search engine will now display the results in other languages. By selecting “Translate this page,” you can view the website in your native tongue. In this approach, your device can only access URLs from Google Translate, bypassing any federal restrictions set on YouTube by your company or school.

  • Smart DNS

An instrument that gives users access to multiple online entertainment channels is a smart DNS. You must personally, or with the support of third-party tools, change the Internet address. The DNS provider will believe in having access to the nations or areas whose internet services you like to see in this way.

  • Utilize Tor to access blocked YouTube videos

Tor is software that entirely protects your online privacy. Although connecting reduces the amount of your Internet, your IP address is still untraceable. The Tor browser’s one drawback is that you need help to choose the nation from which you will ultimately establish a connection.

  • Download videos from YouTube

One of the simplest ways to access YouTube videos restricted in your nation is using this. Numerous websites allow you to download YouTube videos to watch them later without a connection. Planning is necessary since you must choose the best method for saving videos on your computer.

  • Proxy

A server application known as a proxy will act like you used another IP address between clients making requests and servers answering; proxy functions as a middleman. Maintaining privacy and encapsulation across various interactive systems is the major purpose of a proxy. It does not encrypt your activity and slows down your connection.


Do free YouTube unblockers work?

Free YouTube un-blockers are a quick and easy solution to view YouTube video that has been banned. However, they may only sometimes be a safe method. None will grant you any level of anonymity; some are shady. If you’re worried about security, there might be better ideas than using a free YouTube unblocker, especially if you want to access content in a nation where the authorities have stringent YouTube restrictions.

We advise utilizing a VPN to unblock YouTube videos more securely. A free YouTube un-blocker, however, can be a smart choice if you only want to watch the odd unavailable video.


VPN for YouTube: key characteristics

There are a few very crucial characteristics to watch out for if you wish to use a VPN to access YouTube videos, including:

  • Choosing a fast VPN is essential because YouTube videos need fast speeds for optimal streaming.
  • Security information: Ensure they have a VPN that safeguards your online identity, especially if you reside in a nation that has banned YouTube.
  • Supported hardware includes: Make sure the VPN you choose is compatible with the devices you intend to use if you want to stream unblocked YouTube videos on your smartphone, smart TV, streaming device, or gaming console.
  • The VPN’s reputation: It’s always crucial to select a VPN with a strong reputation and decent customer care service in case you run into any issues.

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