How To View YouTube Earnings?

Millionaire YouTubers are common. As you know, know how challenging but possible it is to make money if you have a YouTuber channel. If you want your channel to expand, you must always be vigilant! Numerous things affect the growth of a YouTube channel. You can make money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and ad promotion on YouTube. The Revenue tab in YouTube Analytics shows which videos are making the most money and which revenue streams are the most successful if you have a membership in the YouTube Partner Program. Your revenue (income), RPM, and playback-based CPM are displayed on the main metrics card.


Steps to check YouTube Channel Earnings

As a member of the YouTube Partnership Program, you can check the revenues for your channel. Use the procedures below to check your YouTube earnings.

  • Register on YouTube
  • Select the “user icon” in the top right corner.
  • Choose “YouTube Studio.”
  • Choose “Analytics” from the list of options on the left.
  • Pick “Revenue” from the list of alternatives.

The “your estimated revenue,” “RPM,” and “CPM” fields appear when you click the “revenue” tab. Your estimated revenue estimates your profits for the previous 30 days.

Track Your YT Income

View YouTube Earnings



The RPM report details your earnings per 1,000 views of your videos from various income sources. Total revenue divided by 1,000 total views is how RPM is determined.


Based on playback CPM

The playback-based CPM report displays your anticipated average gross revenue per 1000 plays where one or more adverts are presented.


Monthly anticipated income

You can see how much money your channel has brought in over the previous six months in the monthly estimated revenue report. The expected monthly revenue is susceptible to changes because of the following:

Unreliable traffic, claims, and conflicts involving content ID and specific forms of advertising campaigns (for example, cost-per-day campaigns).

These modifications might be to blame if your monthly predicted revenue (income) appears to be fluctuating. They occur twice following the revenue generation: once after one week (providing a more accurate estimate) and once in the middle of the following month, representing your actual earnings.


Income sources

The Revenue sources report provides a breakdown of the estimated revenue from each source.


Transactional income

You may see a summary of your anticipated revenues from channel memberships and merchandise in the transaction revenue report. There is a video version of this report as well.


Bestselling videos

You may see which videos generated the highest estimated revenue by viewing the Top-earning Videos report.


Ad type

The Ad type report details the share of each ad kind in your ad revenue.

  • View your total earnings too.
  • To access your total earnings, you must be a member of the YPP and have an AdSense account. Observe your AdSense account here:
  • Register with YouTube Studio.
  • To the left, click “Monetization.”
  • You can see the AdSense account connected to your YouTube channel below YPP.
  • Your finalized profits are displayed in your “AdSense Account.”
  • Open your AdSense account and log in.
  • Select AdSense for YouTube on the left.
  • You can access YouTube-specific tools and view your latest payment and balance for YouTube earnings.
  • Your finalized profits (if any) may be impacted by tax withholding, which is only viewable in your AdSense account.



Your total earnings are only displayed in your AdSense account, which is finalized earnings for the previous month that are added to your AdSense account balance between the second week of each month. And this is how to view your finalized earnings in AdSense.

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