How To View Deleted History On YouTube?

Your video recommendations will be more accurate thanks to YouTube’s watch history function. You can stop or erase your watch history, giving you control over it. Any videos you view won’t be recorded in your history when history is paused.

You may want to watch the videos again and locate any video you’re looking for using your YouTube watch history. People enjoy preserving their watch histories. Therefore, they could desire to recover it if they have lost it. To keep a check on their children, parents and guardians can also retrieve the YouTube viewing history of those children.

There is a method for everybody who loses their YouTube search history or wishes to retrieve erased data.

The distinction between YouTube Watch History and the YouTube Search History

YouTube history is of two types-

  • YouTube watch history: Finding videos you’ve recently seen is simple. Additionally, it is employed to make video recommendations depending on your search history.
  • YouTube search history: Go to the search history page to access or remove your past YouTube search history.


Can Android, iPhone, or iPad users recover their YouTube history?

People might need to know that Android and iPhone users can retrieve their YouTube history. Such inquiries about the history of YouTube have been made frequently. Yes, that does provide the answer to your query. You can retrieve YouTube history if you use the proper, expert tool.

With the help of some high-precision apps, you can restore data in various circumstances, including system failures, virus infections, blank screens, and more. You can also preview the data you are recovering, making it easy to choose which one to recover. But you should check the reviews and only use professional apps, as your data privacy should be your priority.

Look over YT Deleted History

See YouTube’s Deleted History

Google Activity is another way to retrieve lost YouTube data. Only users who have enabled Google Sync can utilize this approach. The user will be able to recover erased search history from YouTube as well.

  • Open Google Chrome and select your logged-in account. Then select “Data and privacy.”
  • Select “YouTube History” from the menu that appears here.
  • Select “Manage history.”
  • You can also choose “YouTube watch and search history.”

Your deleted YouTube history can be retrieved and watched with ease. But because it uses a Google Account, this solution only works for Android. Furthermore, your Google sync must be enabled for this method to function.

Your computer browser will continue to save the YouTube websites you visited in your browsing history even if you halt your YouTube watch history. Of course, this won’t apply if you’re using an app to watch YouTube videos.

Many people think there is no way to get their watch history again once they have deleted it, but there is a way. You may not restore it from the YouTube app, but we have discussed how you can restore your watch history and get the videos you want to see again. You can use Google activity or any other third-party tool that works on Android or iPhone per your requirements.

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