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How To See Private Subscribers On YouTube?

You can see your subscriber count and list if you own a YouTube channel. Only customers who have updated their default privacy settings will be included in the list. In your account settings, you can modify your default privacy option and permit subscribers to view your subscriptions on your channels via the tab in the channel settings. You can see a count of other people’s subscribers when you view their channels, and you cannot see a list of those other people’s YouTube subscribers.


View Subscriber Counts

Step 1

Sign in to your YouTube account. Choose “My Subscriptions” out from the option in the left column. This will display the channels included in your subscription, making it simple to find a certain channel. You can conduct a generic search if you do not currently have a subscription to the desired channel.

Step 2

Examine the list of subscriptions under the menu option you just chose. To view a specific channel, select one of the subscriptions. Again, you can find a channel using basic search options or browsing your watch history.

Step 3

Observe the subscriber count to the channel to the side of the channel name, next to the option to subscribe or unsubscribe as of the publication date. View the total amount of subscribers and views to the channel by clicking “About” under the video name. The tool will not display specific subscriber names, but it is good for getting general information about subscribers and interests.

Know Your Private Subs On YouTube

See Private Subscribers On YouTube


Know about your private subscribers.

Step 1

Log in to your YouTube account. In the upper-right area of the screen, click the menu arrow beside your account name and image, and then pick “My Channel.”

Step 2

Follow the link at the start of the page that displays your subscriber count. Examine the list of subscribers who have turned off privacy on their accounts. They will not display on the list if they have privacy measures enabled. This means that the list does not include every subscription account.

Step 3

To get the number of subscribers to have privacy activated on their accounts, reduce the subscriber count indicated on this site from your overall number of subscribers. This offers you an indication of the total number of subscribers.


Allow others to participate; you can view subscriptions here.

Step 1: Enter your YouTube username and password Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu after clicking your username.

Step 2: In the left column of the screen, select “Privacy” from the Account Settings menu.

Step 3: Clear the check box next to “Keep all my subscriptions private” to allow the writers of the channels to see you as a subscriber.


Page Views

Step 1: Navigate to YouTube in a browser. Sign in to your account, then click “My Channel” in the account menu.

Step 2: Select “About” from the navigation in the page’s middle.

Step 3: To allow subscribers to view your subscriptions, hit “Make My Subscriptions Private” and uncheck the check box.


Final Inference

Several online websites allow you to see private subscribers, which is the only way. YouTube is very serious about privacy; hence there is no default method to see private subscribers. They make their subscription hidden. It’s a privacy option. You can only modify it if the user desires to. You can only view the total number of subscribers. You can do one thing: post a new video and ask your subscribers to leave a comment indicating that they’ve subscribed to your channel. You might get to understand some of them this way.

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