How To Find Out Other YouTube Channels’ Earnings?

Do you wish to know the earnings of YouTube influencers? 

Whether you want to enhance your own YouTube income or are just curious about other channels’ earnings, it’s easy to figure out how much a YouTube channel earns. Determining the precise amount can be difficult due to CPM/CPC, projected gross profits per view, and other variables.

Awareness of competitors’ YouTube statistics can help you grow your brand and channel. Analytics on YouTube gather info from rival accounts.

By looking at other channel metrics, a creator can learn when to post a video, how to get more engagement from their subscribers, and what the audience is interested in. Follow the guidelines below to look at other YouTube channels’ revenue.

Find Out Other YouTube Channels' Earnings

Track Other YT Channel’s Income


Steps to track earnings of other YouTube channels

You can get all the information about your YouTube channel insights in YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio is the one-stop shop for YouTube statistics, allowing users to see how well a video performs and the gender and location of subscribers.

1). First, take note of the YouTube channel’s URL that you want to look into. For this to work,

  • You need the link to their channel and more than just a single video.
  • Something like channel name should be used for this.
  • You can receive the URL on a computer by clicking the channel name next to a video. Press Ctrl + C (PC) or Command + C (Mac) to copy the URL after it has been highlighted in your browser’s address bar.
  • For the URL on the YouTube mobile app on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device:
  • Any of their videos’ links can be tapped.
  • Click the description link in the page’s header.
  • Under “More Info,” tap the URL. Once the channel URL has been copied, you can hit the Copy link.

2).  Open a browser and go to in step 2. A revenue estimate for a YouTube channel can be viewed using any desktop or mobile web browser.

3).  In step 3, copy and paste the YouTube channel URL into the text box. Under the calculator headline, this is shown. To add the URL, long-press the field or right-click it and select Paste.

4). Step 4 requires you to click or tap “Read Now.” You’ll find this pink button to the right of the text box. You can also use the Enter or Return keys on your keyboard. The logo of the channel and a list of their projected earnings are displayed below in the center. More information can be seen by moving your mouse cursor over a number, such as the projected partner profits.


Utilise YouTube statistics to increase the engagement of your video content.

Now that we know where to seek competitors’ YouTube numbers, the next step is to put this knowledge to use. According to YouTube’s data, creators can learn what types of videos do well and which are massive flops. If your competitors are continuously gaining subscribers and drawing large audiences, they must be succeeding in some way.

Please take note of the videos well-liked by their intended audience and base your content on them. To avoid plagiarism, use the data as a source of inspiration. To expand your audience, avoid mimicking popular creators.

A new eyeshadow palette is popular on YouTube right now, and other creators are seeing a tonne of subscriber interaction with their most recent reviews and response videos. See when they posted, who is viewing, how long the average watch duration is, and the click-through rate by using your YouTube analytics tool. You can use the unique facts about this video to get the insider knowledge you need to make videos inspired by the original producer.

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