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Can I See Who Viewed My YouTube Video?

Viewers on YouTube

Views on YouTube are significant if you want to generate profit from your videos. And if you want to have an impact on your target audience. In the world of influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers, popularity is determined by the number of viewers you have. Also, your YouTube videos would be meaningless without them. No matter how brilliant the concepts you use in your videos, you remain unnoticeable to potential customers if you have a few YouTube views.

Becoming a well-known YouTube content creator can have a wonderful life. So, by posting your videos on this platform, you can make millions.


Know Your YouTube Audience 

You can see a list of all the users who have been watching your YouTube videos on the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics. Also, it provides some insights into their demographics. Returning Viewers (The number of people that previously saw your channel and then returned to watch it during the specified time.) & New Viewers, Unique Viewers, Subscribers, and Total Members everything is displayed on the key metrics card of YouTube Analytics.

  • Launch the YouTube app.
  • Tap your channel, then your profile photo.
  • Tap Analytics in the center menu to see your channel performance quick summary.

What YouTubers Can Discover About Their Audiences are as follows-:

  • Subscribers (only those who have selected “Let the channel see my name” as an option)
  • Whenever your audience is on YouTube -> This report displays the times your YouTube viewers were online during the previous 28 days. You can use it to organize your upcoming live stream or to strengthen your community.
  • Gender and Age -> The survey of your audience’s viewers and the age groups contributing the most to their watch time are displayed in the Age and Gender report.
  • Watch time from paying audiences.
  • Other videos your viewers watched-> This report reveals the channels your viewers regularly viewed in addition to your own over the previous 28 days. Content creators can also use the information to brainstorm thumbnail concepts and team-up possibilities.
  • Remarks & Mentions on the Channel


Who Exactly are the Viewers of My Youtube Video? 

To be very specific, You cannot see the names of those who have viewed your video. Except for that, you cannot see who liked or disliked your videos. These are the things YouTubers can Know about their audiences-:

  • Who likes video?
  • People who have shared the video
  • Who Dislike the video
  • Subscribers who have not activated this feature (“Let the channel see my name”) can not be seen by the YouTubers
  • Viewers of your video


Can I See Who Viewed My Youtube Video

               Find out who views your YouTube videos.

Can you see who watched your YouTube shorts?

No, YouTube Short videos are similar to YouTube videos, but their length is much less. As a result, just like YouTube videos, you can’t see who watched your YouTube shorts videos.


For your videos to be seen, it would be beneficial if you put more effort into increasing your YouTube views. Also, keep in mind that providing high-quality content can naturally increase your YouTube views. Videos that touch the viewer’s soul and are original, ideal, and relevant to life are considered quality material.

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