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How To Change YouTube Views From Lakhs To Millions?

YouTube views in India have been displayed in lakhs and crores rather than millions and billions since Google opted to switch from the international to the Indian counting method. This modification was made to better cater to the needs of Indian app users. But some users have complained that the update has made the app feel more foreign to them than before. Since you’re here, reading this, it’s safe to assume that you share my distaste for this update and would like to roll back to the previous version, where the numbers of views, likes, and subscribers were in the millions instead of the thousands. Don’t worry; we’ve got this, and we’ll start immediately.

Whether you’re looking for music videos, cooking tutorials, or the latest from your favorite vloggers, YouTube covers you, no matter where you’re from or what language you speak. Recently, Google adapted how India sees YouTube view counts, switching from the international system to the Indian one so that lakhs and crores are now shown instead of millions and billions.

This revision aimed to improve the app’s name recognition in the Indian market. Many YouTube viewers find this update annoying, but it’s easy to disable it by selecting a different language setting on their mobile devices. How to go from tens of thousands to tens of millions of views on YouTube is the topic of this piece. YouTube’s view count and subscriber count were previously displayed in the international numbering system (i.e., millions and billions), but this was recently changed to accommodate Indian users. Some YouTube viewers, however, seem dissatisfied with the new system because they are more accustomed to seeing numbers expressed in millions or billions. Here, then, is how to take your YouTube channel from receiving millions to billions of views.


Tips for making the YouTube conversion from lakhs to millions:

Changing the iPhone or iPad’s language to British or American English will alter the number of views recorded.

  • Select “General” from the settings menu on your device.
  • Here you can change the language and region settings.
  • Choose the language you want to use on your iOS device from the Language & Region menu.
  • Choose “English” from the drop-down menu.
  • Simply selecting the button Done will commit the modifications.
  • Once you’re done, restart your gadget. After you continue, the modifications will take effect.
Change YouTube Views From Lakhs To Millions

Convert YT Views from Lakhs to Millions


Changing Lakh to Million on Android YouTube

Here’s how to change the view count from lakhs/crores to millions/billions on your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android phone and tap System, General, or More Settings.
  • Choose Languages from the Language & Input menu.
  • Learn what languages your gadget is compatible with right here. The first language selected will become the system language. The second, third, and so on will be used if the application does not support the original language.
  • By clicking the Add a Language drop-down menu, you can add English(UK) or English(US) to your language options.
  • When you’re done making English the default language, restart the device. Just start watching videos on YouTube. The new viewership tracking system will be demonstrated.

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