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How Many Views On YouTube Shorts Are Required To Get Paid?

YouTube shorts are a new but not very unique feature that YouTube introduced to the video platform. YouTube shorts are a new TikTok-like short video format and are very similar to tik tok videos. It is a powerful tool to help you grow your channel and engage with your audience. They are a different style of content and engagement than regular videos.

YouTube shorts are less than sixty seconds, vertical or square videos, and are much less commitment for the viewers. It is a fast consuming content and is easy to watch on the go.

While shorts are optimized for viewing on mobile devices, they are still accessible and viewable on desktops and T.V. screens. A dedicated Shorts button is available at the bottom of the app for the convenience of the viewers. And when you select the shorts, they’ll auto-play on a loop until you swipe up to move on to the next one. There is no restriction for creating YouTube shorts; any vertical video under 60 seconds can automatically be picked up as a YouTube short.


How to monetize & make money from YT shorts?

Monetization and making money from YouTube shorts is an area YouTube is currently working on. Creators are focusing on this short feature to gain views and make a profit with less effort. In 2021, YouTube introduced a $100 million YouTube Shorts fund to reward creators for their most viewed and engaging short videos, as YouTube shorts didn’t have a traditional monetization strategy. The motive behind this fund was to scale creator activities more quickly on the platform than other major competitors.

Collecting money as people view your content is not an approach to monetizing YouTube shorts. There are specific ways to get paid for a YouTube short. YouTube fund is the most significant source of earnings for any creator. This fund authority has ensured creators to reward with a monthly income directly from this monetary fund. This income for any creator ranges from $100 to $10,000, but the final amount depends on how good Shorts performed the previous month.

Earn From Views On YT Shorts

YT Shorts Views To Get Paid


As of now, it takes a lot of views to get a share from the fund. A creator must be viral on the platform for a bonus of around a hundred dollars. But something is better than nothing. Another simple step of getting highly paid by YouTube shorts is to manage to get sponsorships and brand deals. It can be anything like advertising a skincare brand or a clothing brand. There are no such requirements of having thousands of views or subscribers to get sponsorships and branding. Another way of getting paid for your YouTube shorts that are said to be coming soon is the collection of ad revenues from YouTube shorts. YouTube runs a monetary criterion for its creators that there should be at least a thousand subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours to get a channel monetized. But there is no such concept for shorts.

Though YouTube is willing to change these rules. By the start of 2023, the creators that’ll have 1000 subscribers and 10 million views on shorts over a period of 90 days will be eligible to apply for the YPP, i.e., the YouTube Partner Program. It’ll be a terrific addition to the Shorts policy as it is how the YouTube monetization program works for the artists creating long videos. It will also encourage many short video creators that don’t depend on long videos to grow.

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