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How Much Is 2 Million Views Worth On YouTube?

YouTube, one of the biggest platforms for video sharing and the second most used search engine, is now monetized, which helps users to generate revenue from their videos. Monetization, in easy words, is making money from a non-revenue generating item. According to the surveys, the highest-paid YouTubers make around $20 million a year. To qualify for YouTube monetization, you must meet certain conditions, such as :

1- You should be a YouTube Partner Program (YPP) member.

2- You must have at least 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months.

3-  Having more than1000 subscriber’s on your YouTube channel is also necessary.

4- You should reside in a country where YouTube Partner Program is available.

5- An AdSense account should be linked to your YouTube channel.

6- Your channel should not have any active Community Guidelines strikes.

7 – You should follow all YouTube channel monetization policies.

8 – You must use 2-Step Verification on the Google Account associated with your YouTube channel for an extra layer of security.


So the question still stands-

How much is 2 million views worth on YouTube?

Well, the answer is a little bit blurry as a specific amount is not fixed; it mostly depends on several factors:

  1. The more the CPM, the merrier. CPM refers to the cost per mille or ‘cost per thousand,’ which is more commonly used. It refers to the revenue you earn from the advertisers for running 1000 ads on YouTube. Everyone’s CPM is different; if your CPM is $1, you can get around $2,000.
  2. The engagement on your channel also plays a crucial role.
  3. The length of your video is also a factor; if the length of the video is less than a minute, then the ads won’t display. And we all know that ads are one of the most significant ways of generating money from YouTube.
  4. The genre of your video is also essential as if your video is more popular; thus, the chances of your video getting popular are also high. This is because of the recent changes in YouTube’s algorithm, so it’s not the same for every video.
  5. Also, from the total revenue generated from the videos, the video creator gets only 60%, as the other 40% goes to YouTube.
  6. Also, RPM(revenue per thousand) measures the revenue from the videos.

So we can see that all these factors play a considerable role in the revenue making from the videos. From keeping these all in mind, the main thing is the popularity of your video; everything depends on that. So if you can get around 150K views, you can quickly generate $100K, so for around 2 million, it should be around $1333K.

2 Million Views Worth On YouTube

YT Income from 2 Million Views


Here are some of the ways people can make money from YouTube : 

1- YouTube channel membership which, if taken, provides the user’s exclusivity.

2 – Many brands provide content creators with a paid sponsorship to promote their brand through videos.

3 – To top it all off, the most traditional way is the ads we see before our videos.

Any new thing to try can be scary sometimes, but how will we know if it was worth it or not until or unless we try it? So Despite all these challenges, the people who can attract a large and loyal following can make a substantial income on YouTube.

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