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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 100 Views?

With more than 2.3 billion subscribers globally, Youtube made $19.7 billion in income in 2020, an increase of 30.4 percent annually. Ryans World, a well-liked kids’ YouTube channel, made $29.5 million in 2020. However, how much money YouTubers make in India or anywhere else on the globe is the question you are interested in.

Over the past three years, YouTube has compensated creators, artists, and media companies close to $30 billion. T Series was the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers in 2019. Few YouTubers subsequently surpassed the threshold many creators believed to be unattainable. The outbreak has only boosted YouTube’s expansion in India. Whatsapp dominated the market in India before the outbreak, but the figures now depict a different picture. In December 2020, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users, while Whatsapp came in second with 422 million monthly active users, per App Annie statistics.

For inexperienced people, let’s review the fundamentals before discussing how much money you can make through YouTube.


How to use YouTube to earn money?

In India, creating a YouTube channel seems to be the quickest way to “be your boss” and acquire a supplemental source of income. It is not a brilliant idea for a person considering starting a YouTube channel right now, even though many well-known YouTube video makers have quit their day jobs to expand their pipelines. In reality, earning money on YouTube requires persistence over time and, of course, innovative thinking. You’ll need to produce quality films and consistently set aside your financial concerns.

Today’s self-made stars have amassed an internet fan base by creating material meant to inform, amuse, entertain, and overall be fantastic. The majority of these superstars from small-screen media pursue their careers purely out of a desire to produce and act in front of an audience. While launching a YouTube channel may not have been your main driving force for financial gain, you may be pleasantly surprised by the prospects for economic growth once you realize just how many there are.

Google offers both YouTube and blogging. YouTube is the best choice for launching a career since you can do so for nothing. After you’ve made a name for yourself on YouTube, you also have no more obligations. In comparison, you would need to invest at least Rs. 3000–4000 in India if you want to begin a career in blogging or website design. Since you’ll have to purchase hosting and a domain, in addition to needing a name and hosting, you also require spending money on a premium theme.

The most significant source of income for YouTube and blogging is Google Adsense. You can start utilizing Adsense once you’ve used a few Google Adsense Approval Tricks on websites. However, there are undoubtedly significant and time-consuming activities that you must finish before you can start making money from Google Adsense on YouTube. In my experience, getting there takes at least a year for beginners.

You must follow a series of rules if you want to earn money on YouTube. You must have 1000 followers on your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel should have received 4000 hours, or 2,40,000 minutes, of views in the past year. To profit from Google Adsense on YouTube, you must abide by these two guidelines.

100 Views Revenue On YouTube

YouTube Pay For 100 Views


How much does YouTube pay for 100 views?

YouTube compensates its creators with ad income. When a viewer clicks on an ad or sees a complete video ad, YouTube receives a little payment. YouTube then gives the creator a share of the advertising money. It’s hardly much at all because, often, the creator gets a few cents for every click. It indeed relies on the number of 100 viewers who click on or watch the advertisements. Considering how many people today use AdBlock. You could get one or two people who connect in 100, earning you about $0.20.

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