How To View Private YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the number one platform for video streaming and the second most used search engine. It truly has its unique journey. It has up the game for other video streaming platform services and maintained its spot in social media.

Well, one of the reasons for its popularity is that almost anything and everything is available on YouTube. When we are stuck with how to cook a dish, the first thing that comes to mind is to let us search for its recipe on YouTube or google. Whenever we need a video tutorial for anything, the first we look upto is YouTube. But what if the video for the particular topic is on YouTube, but we can’t see it, i.e., the video is private?? This kind of situation can be frustrating.


What do private videos on YouTube mean?

Private videos are those that a user uploads a channel, but they cannot be seen by anyone until or unless the video link gets shared with them. So next time you are stuck with a situation where you find a video but cannot view it, it’s because the video is private. Private videos never come in someone’s recommended videos section or the search results of a video. If a user uploads a private video on their channel, the subscribers do not get a notification. You can only watch a private video only if the permission of the owner of the video is given to you. This feature provided by YouTube is mainly used for marketing strategies as, firstly, the video is shared with a limited audience. Then when the right time comes, it is made publicly available.

View Private YouTube Videos

View Private YT Videos


Can you watch YT private videos?

So let us learn how we can watch private videos on YouTube:

  1.  Firstly we can watch a private video with the owner’s permission. You can try communicating with the owner and asking them to share the personal video link. Then when the connection is provided to us by the video’s owner, we can watch the video. And even after that, you cannot watch the video, Make sure your account is valid on YouTube, or sometimes the viewer can have more than one YouTube account. In some scenarios, there is some special link through which only a YouTube video can watch.
  2.   If you do not get permission from the video owner to watch the private video, then you can try this method. Reach the private video page, select the private video URL, and then remove the deleted watch. And then click the enter key on the left URL. This technique can help you watch private videos on YouTube. Well, this strategy may or may not work for all the viewers.
  3. When a video that you were previously watching but for some gets private, then you can watch that private video then you watch it by using a utility named VideoCache. First, download VideoCache, then get the video and download its cache. The video will convert to the format of Mpeg-Dash. Then download another software named GPAC which will help convert the video format to MP4. Through this method, we can watch the cached version of the video.

So these were some ways we can watch a private video on YouTube.

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