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Does YouTube Count Incognito Views?

What is Incognito mode on YouTube?

Typically, when the users are logged into YouTube, any video that they have watched or anything that the user has searched for will be recorded in YouTube’s history. This will impact the user’s YouTube recommendations, and they will see more of such videos in their specific YouTube feed.

YouTube’s Incognito mode lets users watch videos privately without recording them in their search or watch history. Anything that can be watched in Incognito mode will leave no traces when the user leaves the private mode. When users disable Incognito mode, their search and watch history is automatically cleared.

Does YouTube Count Incognito Views

YT Incognito Mode Views


What is YouTube Incognito mobile?

Incognito mode videos will not influence the user’s YouTube recommendations. Incognito mode lets a user browse privately without actually signing the user out. When the user turns off Incognito mode in YouTube, they will be signed back in automatically.

Furthermore, the user cannot interact with a YouTube video in Incognito mode as they have been logged out from their account. When a user cannot like a video, add it to the watch list, comment, or subscribe to a channel. When users try to perform such an action, they will be asked to log in, turning off the Incognito mode.


What happens while browsing incognito?

While incognito, the YouTube app behaves like the user isn’t signed in to their account. The account activity of the YouTuber’s account is more likely to have subscriptions or watch history, which won’t influence the user’s YouTube experience.

When the user turns off Incognito, their session’s search and watch history is cleared. This means that none of the Incognito session activity will be reflected on the accounts of the users. Then the user returns to the last account they had used before turning on Incognito. Also, if the YouTube user is inactive for more than 90 minutes, their Incognito session will end. They will then be returned to the last account that they have used. The next time the user opens YouTube, they will get a message letting you know they are no longer Incognito.

Everything one does while they are in Incognito mode is private. When you try to do something public like commenting or subscribing, then the user used to be asked to sign in to complete that action.


Does YouTube count views in Incognito mode?

Yes, of course, YouTube counts the views that have been coming from users who are using incognito mode. Most Incognito users don’t log in to their tabs more often.


How to enable YouTube Incognito mode on Android and iPhone?

  • Download and then open the YouTube app on the phone.
  • By Tapping on the profile picture icon at the top.YouTube Incognito in the Mobile Account Settings.
  • Then the YouTube menu will open. Then the user needs to Tap on Turn on Incognito. A confirmation screen will show up. Then Tap on Got it.


How to disable Incognito mode permanently on YouTube?

Many parents want to permanently disable YouTube’s Incognito mode because it doesn’t show search history, and some kids often use Incognito mode to watch adult sites. Sadly, users cannot remove the Incognito mode completely from the YouTube app. However, the user can disable Incognito mode in browsers on Windows and macOS. But the user needs to remove Incognito mode from Chrome in Android.

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