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Does YouTube Track Views From The Same IP Address?

The term “views” refers to the number of times a YouTube video has been seen in the shortest length. The number of views is represented by a positive integer or a natural number, such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. Because it exceeds YouTube’s minimum viewing length, watching 20% of a video counts as one view rather than 0.2 views.

Views are important for YouTube analytics but are also used formally to indicate value to customers and content creators. YouTubers consider a high number of views on a video to be proof of their channel’s success. Viewers often interpret many views as proof that a video is outstanding and worthy of their time.

When evaluating the success of YouTube video marketing activities, many marketers may use metrics such as views to analyze the performance of their video content. But what constitutes a “view” on YouTube? Even better, YouTube calculates how many views a video has received. Let’s take a closer look.


How are YouTube views determined?

Because YouTube aims to ensure that its videos are seen by real people rather than automated software, a system for distinguishing authentic views from the rest has been implemented. YouTube logs views only under the following conditions:

  • To view the video, the viewer must physically push the play button.
  • The video must be watched for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • YouTube can identify if someone is doing this on purpose by recording it as a “view.”

Is this having any effect on marketing? The fact that a video was seen, regardless of its length, implies that the content was fascinating and worthwhile. Which videos receive the most views will influence the type of content created in the future. It’s vital to remember that YouTube videos will only continue to receive views if they follow YouTube’s regulations. As a result, putting a video on a website and configuring it to play automatically will not result in any quantifiable views. Buying views using view bots would also be ineffective. If you use these spam workarounds, your YouTube video may be destroyed, you may lose the ability to monetize it, or your account may be suspended.

Can YT Detect Views From Same IP Address?

YouTube Identifying Views From Same IP Address


What effect do repeat views or the same IP address have on view counts?

Repeated views on YouTube may result in more viewers overall. Multiple views from the same device or account will add new views to the total, even if not every repeat view is counted toward an overall view total. YouTube understands that its users may encounter a video and wish to watch it again or share it with others on their social networks. YouTube will stop collecting additional video views from that device or account within 24 hours after hitting a certain amount, which some estimate is approximately 4 or 5 views. If the same user watches the video outside the 24-hour window, the view will be tallied again.

Any device that connects to the Internet is assigned an IP address, also known as an Internet Protocol address. This address is the “thumbprint” of your machine. It sets your machine apart from every other machine on the earth. Investigative authorities can utilize the IP address associated with a YouTube account or video to determine your location and Internet service provider. Nothing can be done to prevent IP address tracking. However, tracking becomes more difficult when utilizing a shared computer.


How does YouTube detect and eliminate fake and fraudulent views?

YouTube employs several technical safeguards to prevent views from bots and other banned methods.

  • If JavaScript is disabled or any analytics or beacon scripts are blocked by script blockers or browser advertising, YouTube will not track views.
  • The viewer must actively click the play button on a video. Views do not include embedded videos that play automatically. It includes any videos with backdrop features such as overlay text.
  • The video player must be visible. Videos that have been disguised or hidden from view are not included.
  • Furthermore, YouTube prohibits re-watching the same video from the same IP address or user account within a particular rolling period. The specific figures and duration of the time frame are unknown. It means that if you watch your video twice, it will receive an additional two views.

This rule does not apply when pauses are used. For example, if you watched your video once every hour for 8 hours, you might obtain eight views. When YouTube’s security system detects unusual behavior, it blocks views if your video receives one to two views daily, each for exactly 30 seconds.

Alternatively, if users from the United States and the United Kingdom generally account for 90% of your views, suddenly, a significant amount of your views come from elsewhere. If there is no visible paper trail proving how people found your videos, serious doubts are raised. A typical user might input a search phrase or choose a suggested video that appears next to another video. When views emerge from nowhere, and someone immediately visits your URL, it is evident that they do not originate from real people. Furthermore, YouTube will prohibit and later erase any views on any videos posted by users or IP addresses suspected of being bots or view spammers. Yes, but only a certain number of times per user account and IP address. One view is counted for YouTube videos that are longer than 30 seconds. After 11 to 30 seconds, YouTube videos are considered watched.

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