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7 Crore Views On YouTube Money

The world of YouTube is fast growing, and with it, the chances for content creators to earn money. With over 2 billion yearly active users, it’s no surprise that numerous people are crowding to the platform to try their hand at creating content and potentially making a living from it. YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, has been a source of income for numerous creators since its beginning.

Everyone has set up success and financial stability on the platform, from vloggers, gamers, and musicians to comedians. One of the ways content creators earn money on YouTube is through ad revenue if you have seven crore views on your YouTube videos. Congratulations! You have likely worked hard and invested time and energy into creating high-quality content that people enjoy. But what does having seven crore views mean for your earnings?


Objectives of 7 crore views

7 crore views is a significant milestone for any content creator or brand on digital platforms. Achieving this level of engagement and visibility is a testament to the popularity and relevance of the content being shared. Reaching seven crores (70 million) views on YouTube is a remarkable accomplishment. It is no small task because producing content that appeals to a big audience requires a lot of effort and commitment. As many content providers can monetize their movies once they hit this view level, it might be financially advantageous.

YouTube pays its creators a certain amount of money that depends on various factors like:

  • From where are you getting views
  • The type of content you create
  • The quality of the video and audio
  • Brand collaborations and sponsorships
  • Engagement with the audience
7 Crore Views On YouTube Money

Seven Crore Views Income On YouTube


Estimating YouTube revenue on seven crore views

To grow a successful channel, we should know the estimated profit from different sources like advertisements, sponsorships, marketing, engagement, and many more. Firstly, according to user location and target audience, the average cost per 1000 views on YouTube, also known as CPM or Cost Per Mille, ranges from INR 41.35 to INR 495.90. Although the figures vary widely, most YouTube channels earn INR 41.35 per 1000 views.

Seven crore views equal 70 million views. So, if a user has seven crore views, then the estimated revenue would be around:

If 1000 views = INR 165.41, then,

So, the creator will earn 70 million views x INR 165.41 per 1,000 views = INR 11 578 630.


YouTube’s Ad Revenue System  

YouTube generates profit from advertisements that appear in the videos. These advertisements can be in the form of pre-roll advertisements,mid-roll advertisements, or sponsored content. The profit earned from advertisements is also between YouTube and the content creator. The profit split is 55% for the creator and 45% for YouTube. The ad revenue system on YouTube is based on a cost per thousand views (CPM) model, where advertisers pay for every advertisement profit system on YouTube is predicated on a cost per thousand views( CPM) model, where advertisers pay for every thousand views their ad receives. When an ad is shown on a video, the creator earns a portion of the ad profit, with the rest going to YouTube.   YouTube uses a sophisticated algorithm to match advertisements with videos and determine each video’s stylish ad format and placement. It ensures that advertisements are shown to the proper followership and results in advanced engagement and profit for both the creator and advertiser.


Factors affecting YouTube revenue

  • Viewership: The cost of ad revenue may vary from country to country, as in developed countries, a creator might receive more money than in other countries.
  • Ad type: Pre-roll-up ads could earn more than mid-roll and sponsored ads.
  • Audio-Video Quality: The main factor that could affect YouTube ad revenue is the quality of content, as it enhances your views, especially the watch time.
  • Content: What type of content you serve to the audience plays a significant role as many people are engaged in making videos, so one has to stand out from the crowd to gain good viewership.


Additional ways of earning on 7 crore views

  1. Sponsored content is when some other companies pay you to promote their product or services.
  • The size and reach of your audience
  • The relevance of your content to the sponsor’s target audience
  • The level of engagement your content receives
  1. Affiliate Marketing: It’s a type of marketing where one can earn money by promoting a product or service through a unique link. You can add this link to your channel’s description box. The volume you can earn from this marketing will depend on the commission rate offered by the company and the number of deals you’re suitable to bring.
  2. YouTube Premium Revenue: YouTube Premium is a subscription service that allows users to watch videos without advertisements and access other features. However, you can earn money from this profit course if you have a YouTube Premium channel. The amount you can make will depend on the number of subscribers you have and the profit generated by your channel.



YouTube offers a unique opportunity for content creators to monetize their videos and earn money from advertising. The amount a content creator makes for seven crore views on YouTube depends on several factors, including advertiser demand, ad type, audience demographics, viewership location, and video content. However, the data provided is a rough estimation. In conclusion, the potential for earnings on YouTube is significant. Still, it takes time and effort to build a large and engaged audience, produce high-quality content, and optimize for monetization. Nevertheless, for those willing to do the work, YouTube can be a lucrative platform for earning income and building a career as a content creator.

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