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6 Crore Views On YouTube Money

Everyone is familiar with YouTube, but it’s intriguing to see how much money YouTubers make after receiving a certain number of views in India for one of their videos. So let’s discuss this in detail. Revenue depends on the subjects covered in different videos; different channels receive varied amounts from YouTube, which pays according to the category of your channel.

YouTube pays 40 rupees per 1,000 views in India, Rs. 400 for 10,000 views, and Rs. 4,000 for every 1 lakh. Everything is based on RPM or revenue per minute. Let’s understand in this article how much you can earn for six crore views on YouTube.


How does YouTube pay content producers?

What adjustments are therefore necessary to boost your YouTube revenue? You can compare different YouTube channels and look at the money-making channels when we delve further into two distinct categories on YouTube to see a more thorough breakdown. For instance, a channel that deals with educational and knowledge-based content would have more views on YouTube than on the lower end of the list, like beauty or vlogging channels.

You may wish to use the list of guides to choose the themes if you are new to YouTube and are trying to pick what to base your channel on. Get your channel to the point where YouTube authorizes you to get money if you want to learn what must be paid on YouTube. It is crucial to understand the process involved in being paid on YouTube.

Instead of views, various other factors affect how much money you make. These static are influenced by several factors, such as the type of video you are making, your target audience, how frequently you upload, etc. On average, a YouTuber in India makes between 7,000 and 30,000 rupees for every million views. Earnings also depend on the channels and market segments they produce material.

6 Crore Views On YouTube Money

YT Money On 6 Crore Views


How much does YouTube pay you for each view?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could predict how much money you will generate from ads for each video viewer? Unfortunately, YouTube’s algorithms are more intricate than that, and you can only determine the revenue per watch on YouTube using averages.

A solid generalization is that videos with enabled advertising that receive more views generate more revenue than those with fewer views. The category under which your video and channel belong, your niche, and even your location all matter.

For instance, videos about online money-making, real estate, personal finance, and technology sometimes earn more than those promoting practical jokes, exercise, or way of life. Why? Because some keywords that advertisers bid on are worth more than others, and since AdSense is an auction-based advertising engine. After the post, we’ll talk more about this.

The fact that some viewers don’t see adverts is another consideration when estimating revenue based on video views. Add filters are purportedly used by over 40% of users. Even while not all ad blocks are compatible with YouTube, this trend will continue to affect the income of content providers. Additionally, approximately 50 million YouTube Premium subscribers pay monthly fees to watch videos without any advertising. Instead, the number of YouTube Premium subscribers who watch a creator’s videos determines how much they are paid.


How many YouTube views are required to be profitable when all of this is considered?

  • 200 to 1000 out of every 1,000 views

If your movie is in a category with popular keywords and no one is skipping the ads, or commercials, your potential ad revenue can be six times greater, according to statistics from Google’s AdSense calculator and self-reported profits from artists across sectors.

Your CPM (cost per thousand views) will typically be between Rs. 300 and Rs (depending on your region and industry). However, 1,000 video and 1,000 ad views are different. Assuming that only 50% of your total views will be made money is a reasonable general rule of thumb. However, the average across all businesses would be between Rs. 400 and 600 per 1,000 views. Additionally, it’s critical to note that these calculations are made for each video, meaning that adjusting your video publishing schedule can help you increase your earnings.

  • 10,000 to 66,000 rupees for every 1,000,000 views

Your ad revenue will sometimes scale linearly as your channel expands. Some will be less interested; more will watch brief excerpts of your films or cease watching them entirely once they encounter an advertisement. In light of this, it is reasonable to anticipate that your CPM for video views will decrease to somewhere between Rs. 100 and 700 or Rs. 10,000 to 66,000 for every 100,000 views.


Payscale for 6 crore views on YouTube

The nature of your videos, the audience you’re trying to reach, how frequently you update this channel, and how much money they’re spending on their goals all influence how much your YouTube channel is making. These factors all work together to control how much money your channel is making. The predicted earnings may differ from the final figures depending on the factors used to calculate YouTube income. Depending on other circumstances, you must make between Rs. 36,20,000 and Rs. 48,00,000 for every six crore views.



Getting six crore views on YouTube is difficult, but all it takes is to produce content that will draw viewers to the top of the list and be aware of YouTube’s rules and guidelines. With all these elements in place, you will generate more views on YouTube and earn a respectable sum of money from YouTube. The key is to be patient, along with all of these aspects.

The person uploading the video should have enabled the monetization settings from their specific account and abide by all terms of service, focusing on the content quality, the targeted audience, and a good number of views. In conclusion, you can utilize YouTube’s advertising calculator to see how much money your video would generate if monetized.

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