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1.5 Crore Views On YouTube Money

We all know we can make lots of money using YouTube, and this question may often ask you exactly how much does YouTube pay for a particular number of views? So, let’s discuss this in detail. Depending on the subjects covered in their videos, different channels receive varied amounts from YouTube, which pays according to the category of your channel.


How do content creators get paid by YouTube?

What changes are therefore necessary to boost your YouTube revenue? You can compare different YouTube channels and look at the money-making channels when we delve further into two distinct categories on YouTube to see a more thorough breakdown. For instance, a channel that deals with educational and knowledge-based content would have more views on YouTube than on the lower end of the list, like beauty or vlogging channels.

You may wish to use the list of guides to choose the themes if you are new to YouTube and are trying to pick what to base your channel on. Get your channel to the point where YouTube authorizes you to get money if you want to learn exactly what must be paid on YouTube. It is crucial to understand the process involved in being paid on YouTube.

1.5 Crore Views Income On YouTube

1.5 Crore Views On YouTube Money


How can you get monetized on YouTube?

Apart from the views, various other factors also affect how much money you make. These statics are influenced by several factors, such as the type of video you are making, your target audience, how frequently you upload, etc. On average, a YouTuber in India makes between 7,000 and 30,000 rupees for every million views. Earnings also depend on the channels and market audience in which they produce their content.

The factors which play an essential role in affecting the revenue are:

  • The first is the viewers of your videos; as a YouTuber, you should make videos that appeal to your intended audience. Therefore, YouTubers should choose their target audience carefully so that they will be drawn to their video. And this will also assist in increasing the overall number of subscribers and views at the right moments, helping to improve the YouTuber’s income.
  • The next thing that is one of the most critical factors for generating revenue on YouTube is the content that appeals to the advertiser and is pretty easy to promote. The videos are made in such a way that they will attract advertisers. It means that YouTubers can make the videos ad-friendly. They seek to use your content as a suitable setting to target the view terms in your writing.
  • The next factor is watch time, the total amount of minutes or times your viewers spend watching your videos. The longer the videos, the more opportunities there are to incorporate ads and, thus, the more money you can make through YouTube.
  • The location from where your viewers are accessing your videos is another critical factor in how much money you make.


YouTube pay scale for 1.5 Crore Views.

The nature of your videos, your target audience, and, most importantly, how frequently you post on the channel are all factors that influence how much money is made from your YouTube channel. For instance, YouTubers who upload humorous content can earn up to 22,000 to 30,000 per million views. The earnings are all estimates, and the actual results may differ depending on the factors used to determine YouTube’s income. Nevertheless, all YouTubers who post music or field videos can earn up to 7,000 to 11,000 rupees for every million views. Niche markets like technology and roasting can make a healthy amount of money from YouTube, around 7,000 to 30,000 rupees for every million views.

You get revenue depending on the number of ads you play in a video. In general, you can only insert one ad into a video under 10 minutes long. You can add more if the video is lengthier. As on my most recent check, YouTube pays $1 (or Rs. 70) for every 1000 ad views. The quantity varies and is dependent on the various ad categories.

If a YouTube video received 1.5 crore ad views,

15000000/1000= $15000

Therefore, it might be anything between INR 8 and INR 12 lakhs.


How can you check your YouTube revenue?

The Revenue tab in YouTube Analytics shows which video makes the most money and which revenue sources are most successful if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program. Your estimated revenue is displayed on the key metrics card (income).

To view your revenue reports:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube Studio.
  2. Select ‘Analytics,’ which is in the left menu.
  3. Select ‘Revenue’ from the top.


How much are you earning?

This report tells you how much you have made in the past six months.

  • How you make money

The expected revenue from each revenue stream is broken down in this report. Shorts Feed advertisements, fan funding, and Watch Page ads are examples of money sources.

  • Fan Funding

This report summarizes your estimated earnings from fan-funded sources, including merchandise and channel memberships. There is a video version of this report as well.

  • Content Performance

This report details the revenue your videos, shorts, and live streaming generated. Revenue Per Mille is also included in the report (RPM).

  • Top Earning content

This report tells you which content has earned the highest estimated revenue.

  • How much do advertisers pay(CPM)

This report displays your earnings per 1,000 monetized plays with one or more advertisements.

  • Watch page ads type

This report details the share of each ad kind in your overall ad revenue.

Your finalized earnings:

  • Only your AdSense account contains information about your final revenues.
  • Your estimated revenues in YouTube Analytics may not match your AdSense earnings. Your completed profits, if any, may be impacted by tax withholding, for instance. Your AdSense account will display any taxes withheld.
  • Your AdSense account balance is updated every month between the 7th and the 12th, with the finalized profits from the previous month.

Getting 15 million, i.e., 1.5 crore views on YouTube, can be easy if you produce content that will draw viewers to the top of the list and have knowledge of all YouTube’s policies. With all these elements in place, you will begin to generate more views on YouTube, soon hit 15 million views, and earn a respectable sum of money from YouTube. The key is to be patient, along with all of these aspects.

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