How To View YouTube Channel Stats?

While Facebook and Instagram may improve as video platforms, YouTube is still the undisputed leader in that market. According to Alexa rankings, YouTube is the second most viewed website worldwide, only behind Google, which owns the venue.

It’s hardly surprising that you can use YouTube to see anything from some person tripping over witnessing a double rainbow to the most recent Nicki Minaj music video, given its popularity as a video-sharing platform—where people upload, watch, comment on, and exchange material.

Peeping into history

In 2005, YouTube began operations. Three PayPal workers, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, started it. They operated the business out of an office atop a small restaurant in San Mateo.

“Me at the zoo,” starring Karim, was the first video posted to the website. By the end of the year, YouTube was hosting over two million videos every day on its website and had an average of over 20 million active users daily. Soon after, Google bought the firm for $1.65 billion in late 2006, snatching it up. One of the best acquisitions of the last 20 years has been made, which was seen at the time as a massive stretch for a startup that had demonstrated neither the skill nor the interest in making a profit. With 65,000 new videos uploaded daily and 100 million video views daily in July 2006, YouTube struck its stride and swiftly emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding websites in the world.


Steps to view stats

  1. Firstly, sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click the symbol for your profile in the upper right corner, then choose YouTube Studio.
  3. On the Channel Dashboard, you may see a few summary metrics. Select Analytics from the left-hand menu to dive further, or click Go To Channel Analytics.
  4. Change the view between Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue (if applicable) based on the data you’re looking for. In the following part, we’ll detail all the metrics listed under each tab.
  5. Click Advanced Mode in the top right corner to get metrics for specific videos as well as a more thorough analysis of your channel data.
  6. Select the parameters you wish to track in Advanced Mode before downloading a report. Then, click the arrow in the upper right corner pointing downward. To create your report, use either Google Sheets or an a.csv file.
 Check Stats of your YouTube Channel

Track YT Channel Stats


Things that form stats of a YouTube


Your channel’s and videos’ performance are outlined on the Overview tab. The critical metrics card displays your views, watch time, subscribers, and projected earnings.

Content (channel level) 

You may see an overview of your audience’s viewing habits and interactions with your material on the Content tab. You can see the following reach and engagement reports in the tabs for All, Videos, Shorts, Live, and Posts: the Reach tab summarizes how your audience is discovering your channel. The key metrics card shows your impressions, click-through rate, views, and unique viewers.

Engagement (video level) 

Your audience’s average viewing time is broken down on the Engagement page. The key stats card may show your watch time and the typical view duration.


A description of the types of viewers who watch your videos is provided on the Audience tab. The main stats card displays your unique viewers, subscribers, and total members.


Tracking your YouTube profits is easier if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program by using the Revenue tab. You may see your expected revenue, RPM, and playback-based CPM on the key metrics card.


Popular YouTube analytics tools


Using the Channelview Insights App, you may add information about YouTube stats to your Hootsuite dashboard. With this integration, you can compare the effectiveness of your YouTube channels and videos to that of your other social media platforms. Reports that are generated automatically and repeatedly can also be prepared.

Analytics by Google

In addition to having the same parent company, Google and YouTube are both entirely concerned with traffic and search. Install YouTube tracking in Google Analytics to gain a more profound knowledge of how people discover your channel. Read more about utilizing Google Analytics for social monitoring in this article.



Despite the ambiguity surrounding YouTube’s profitability, it is clear from YouTube statistics that the video platform dominates the market. A substantial chunk of this is attributable to the company’s aggressive attempts to extend and increase its product offerings to appease content producers who have acquired multimillion-dollar fortunes through online films. Given that such a big company contains so much bizarre, popular, and unique content, there are probably even more fascinating YouTube statistics available.

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