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How To Stream A Video On YouTube To Increase Views?

This time stream videos with more views! 

As everyone knows, YouTube is a global online video-sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California.

Let’s not go into the history of YouTube and ultimately come to the question.


Want more views and reach on YouTube?

YouTube is such a great platform that millions of users create accounts daily and publish videos, and people wish to watch their favorite videos more than create an account. In the US, if we talk about results, 8 billion active users under 10 give a lot of watching time on YouTube.

So as a beginner, if you have also created a YouTube channel and are struggling for more views and publicity for your YouTube channel. Here are some final tips which will help your channel to grow within one year or less.

YouTube algorithm for views?

Nowadays, every YouTuber thinks his YouTube channel must reach a certain range of peaks. Still, the only option, if you want to grow on YouTube is to have more and more views, and the only way your views will be highest is when your video reaches a maximum number of people, and thus views indirectly play a huge role in YouTube day to day life.

Get More Views On Your YouTube Video

Post YT Videos To Increase Views


Who requires views?

Two types of creators search for different sources of views.

Who has just started the YouTube channel and is not getting views

For those who are regularly posting their video and advertising their videos on time, everything is going well still fewer views.

So let’s discuss some key points.

Keyword research may be very popular nowadays if creators want to focus more on traffic through YouTube searches. They focus on trending topics as the trend changes every day, so yes, in keyword research, all you have to do is focus on the topics that are getting in trend daily. This means if your YouTube channel has no specific limits, try creating videos on an undefined topic; however, you can still search for trending keywords in different search engines like google, etc.

Now there can be again two options most people get into that is

°Free views

°Paid views

Here you will get many apps that will suggest you opt for the paid version of the app that will offer you seo on your keyword, which means they will create fake traffic on your website so that you can get the maximum number of searches.

Title and thumbnail of your story:- nowadays, we appreciate the art of selecting funky things and strange titles with clear visibility of the story a person can guess by the title and thumbnail; thus, it plays a crucial role in increasing the views of your existing content.

Video and audio quality – starting a journey on YouTube has caused a lot of struggle even though you cannot afford all the expensive equipment necessary for the best quality for both audio and video; thus, you work hard to ensure you are regular on your uploads. But I would like to give a small piece of advice that investing in the right things is worth it, which means that it pays you back in the future for a reason.

Extra weightage can also be given for presentation; you and your videos should be given the utmost priority for presenting things.

Get to the point – as a beginner. It would help if you focused more on getting to the point without adding many extra things in the video’s intro.

Target your correct audience– now you should be aware of the preference and types of audience you have earned till now, so you should focus more on your type and audience preference.

Create playlists– it is impressive or liked by the audience that they have all the content series in one place and don’t have to search here and there. And once they start liking your content, they will start watching all your videos.

Convert your viewers to subscribers:-

You should always remember that if a viewer is visiting your profile and your videos, your impact should be the highest that he will come again and will watch your video.

Let’s discuss some YouTube algorithms. 

Never delete your old videos complaining that it doesn’t have many views because the YouTube algorithm says YouTube contains many videos, so it is not a guarantee. Maybe your videos can generate views when it is the right time. Your video, which you have uploaded, can anytime get a boost.


Should we share videos on other platforms?

Try to share perfect videos for the perfect audience on the perfect platform.

For example, your channel category is the recipe channel. Due to a lot of sharing in all the groups and members, you shared your video in some doctor’s batches, so this may be difficult for you even to collect pay-per-click, which can be an important thing to note.

YouTube Tags could be relatively important as per your video category because they may help a viewer to suggest a relatable video of your content. Thus, hashtags could also play a good role in your video views, but it has yet to be in trend. In the future, hashtags and normal tags could increase your YouTube views.


Is there more option rather than going organically? 

No, many people usually go with the first option because it can be their preference, but there are other ways like:-

Paid subscribers

Paid views

Paid publicity

But this article holds various organic methods to get more and more views.



YouTube is a wide and great platform, and best if your interest is in creating creative content once you start your journey and understand the YouTube algorithm. So wait for the right time because you never know if your video can get viral at any new time. Since there is an uncountable number of factors influencing views, likes, and share ratio, it is impossible to state every aspect. So let’s conclude by saying hard work and patience yield more fruitful results than any shortcut.

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