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How To Collect Money From YouTube Views?

To be eligible for monetization, you must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing history.

It would be best to look at several revenue streams to maximize your YouTube channel’s earning potential, much like when making money on Instagram or other similar platforms.


Ways to collect money from views on YouTube

Collect Money From YouTube Views

Get Money From YT Views


1). Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program to earn money from ads.

Let’s first take care of this one. You must log in for the YouTube Partner Program to make money from adverts. Additionally, you can only sign up as a YouTube partner once There are more than 1,000 subscribers to your channel. The past 12 months’ worth of watch time, or 4,000 hours, is also necessary. By checking those substantial boxes, the door to advertising money is unlocked.

2). Selling things

Include hyperlinks to any products or services your audience might find interesting in your film.

A tangible product could need materials or a manufacturer, but you might also sell downloads like e-books, art reproductions, or online courses. Before you market your products, be sure a secure payment option is in place.

3). Getting directly paid-

You can create “fan financing” streams to collect donations from your audience, sometimes in exchange for special benefits, like crowdsourcing a project.

You, as a creator, need to make your audience pay for admittance to add your voice to the internet. Therefore, if you provide quality content, your audience may be more likely to provide you with continued support.

4). Obtain brand sponsorship and create sponsored material

As they are known in the industry, brand deals are offers made by businesses looking to reach your channel viewers to sponsor your videos or offer opportunities for product placement in exchange for a shoutout.

The word “audience” is crucial here since it implies that if you establish a following, these opportunities are more likely to present themselves. As your channel expands, you can connect directly with the companies you want to collaborate with. You can also utilize tools like the to find companies that fit your content style and use the affiliate marketing websites listed above.

5). Introduce memberships

By using a membership model, you can monetize viewership in another way. This method allows channel viewers to receive advantages and exclusive access for a small monthly charge.

YouTube is progressively rolling out its feature for channel subscriptions, but to use it, you must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. As always, having more viewers may boost purchases. Private courses, one-on-one video conferences, and other enticements can convince viewers to become paying members.

Another way of earning-

Even though YouTube offers opportunities to everyone, it is not a platform for getting rich quickly.

Making money on YouTube involves time, effort, and a dedicated audience. The biggest news is that you may easily find ways to make money with a little drive and effort before hitting the desired 1,000 subscriber threshold.

  • It becomes simpler to cross the viewing hours mark the more videos you produce and publish.
  • The more successfully you target a certain group or industry (like film photography), the more likely your viewers will subscribe to additional information.
  • It pays to put work into planning and production since thoughtful and engaging videos are more likely to be viewed.
  • Don’t undervalue the ability of a focused title and attention-grabbing thumbnail to draw viewers in.

By increasing views on your YouTube videos, you can earn as well. Some of the ways to increase views are as follows-

  • Open each video you have in 6 separate tabs on three different browsers. The intention is to get 18 views for the video right away. It will now have the momentum to climb the search results pages. You may be confident that the comment that has already received likes and views on your video will help you move up the search results page. When you open these in a new tab on various browsers, make sure to allow the videos to begin playing.
  • Always “like” and “comment” on your videos when you upload them and make sure to “pin” that comment. Since most YouTube channels don’t do this, it will aid in its rise in the rankings. Even if it is a small activity, the long-term effects are substantial. Make sure your comment is engaging by including inquiries like, “What did you think of the video?” which provokes people’s curiosity and encourages interaction.

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