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How Much YouTube Pay For 1000 Subscribers In India?

YouTube Payments In India: How much do you need to earn per 1000 subscribers?

You might be wondering how much money your YouTube channel could bring in. After all, YouTube has users from all over the world and is a worldwide platform. So how does that affect your income?

It turns out that depending on the nation you are in, there are differences in the amount of money you may make from YouTube. We’ll focus exclusively on YouTube payments in India in this piece. With over 300 million subscribers, India is one of the largest markets for YouTube.

The kind of content you provide can also affect how much money you make per 1,000 members. For instance, YouTubers who produce videos longer than 10 minutes will make more money than those who produce shorter videos.

You may wonder how much money you can make if you’re considering launching a YouTube channel. For more information about YouTube payouts in India, keep reading! And how much money are Indian YouTubers making?


How much does YouTube pay in India?

Total Views and Income are the two criteria on which YouTube rewards its producers. The payout for each video increases as it receives more views and generates more income. Whether or not a video is monetized, YouTube pays its producers in India approximately INR 2.40 for every 1,000 views it receives. 

It means that an Indian YouTuber will make about 2,400 INR for every ten thousand views on their video. It might seem like a modest amount, but it soon adds up when you realize that some YouTubers have millions of views on their videos.

If you have 1k subscribers on YouTube, you can earn up to 988169.40 INR per year.


How many followers are required for YouTube monetization?

You may decide how many followers you need to start earning money on YouTube. Views are typically more important to your revenue than subscriptions are. Although your channel’s performance is an excellent indicator, subscribers contribute little to earnings. A large number of subscribers might thus help you increase views and grow your audience. Having many subscribers can also help you get featured more frequently, bringing in more views and earning more money.


What conditions must be met to get paid by YouTube?

You must fulfil specific criteria to receive payment from YouTube. They consist of the following:

  1. A minimum age of 18 is required. It meets the minimum age requirement.
  2. An AdSense account is required. You need to generate money from your videos and run ads on your channel. You ought to connect it to your YouTube account.
  3. A confirmed phone number is a need. In India, the country code 91+ is followed by ten digits to form the phone number.
  4. You must live in a nation like India, where YouTube rewards its producers.
  5. You need to have 1000 or more subscribers. To be able to make money from YouTube, you really must monetize your channel.
  6. You must have clocked at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the previous year. It is also a necessary prerequisite.

Note: Only lengthy videos are counted in terms of watch hours. i.e., movies with running times of more than a minute. The number of view hours you need to begin monetizing your YouTube channel does not include the watch hours you receive from shorts.

Upon the fulfilment of these conditions, YouTube will start paying you. The final two conditions are the minimal needs that YouTubers must meet in the first state.

The better, the more viewers and subscribers there are.


How frequently do payments on YouTube occur?

Payments from YouTube Typically Take place on the 15th of each month. The time it takes for your earnings to appear in your account may vary depending on how much you earned and the payment option you used. Be sure the information you give YouTube is accurate, confirmed, and updated. 

In addition, YouTube delivers various gifts in response to achievements. For instance, YouTube sends silver, gold, and platinum YouTube to-play buttons for certain subscriber levels of 100,000, 100,000, and 10,000,000.

There will be numerous enjoyable challenges where many creators take part to earn awesome rewards.


How may your YouTube income be increased?

You may enhance your YouTube income in a few different ways.

The first step is to make material that viewers will want to watch. It entails producing engaging, distinctive, and high-calibre videos. If your videos are well-produced, viewers are more likely to watch them and recommend them to others, which generates more views and, eventually, more revenue. Ensure your material is engaging so that viewers stick with it to the finish.

Second, you may advertise your social media channels and video content there. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to reach more people and draw in more views. You can even consider spending money on tailored advertisements to help you reach even more people. You may advertise your channel if you have a sizable following on your social media sites. 

Last but not least, it would be ideal if you always worked to keep up with the most recent trends in your industry and make your channel engaging. You will have more options to monetize your content since it will guarantee that people stay returning to watch your fresh videos.


What kind of content should be created for a YouTube audience in India?

With more than 250 million users in India, YouTube is a very well-liked platform. It provides a fantastic chance for businesses and content producers to reach a large audience.

It’s crucial to consider the country’s diverse cultural and religious landscape while producing material for an Indian audience. As India has many distinct religions and cultures, providing material that respects this variety is crucial. Also, YouTube is a site that many young people utilize, making it crucial to provide material that is pertinent to and interesting to this audience.

The following are some examples of material kinds that might be well-liked by Indian viewers: – Music videos.

– News and talks from Bollywood 

– How-to videos

– Sketch enjoyable comedies 

– Instructional videos

– Vlogs of travel



YouTube Payments in India might be a terrific method to make money if you use the appropriate strategy. You can draw in more visitors and boost your income by producing high-quality material, advertising your channel, and keeping up with trends in your industry. Keep in mind that you stand to earn more money the more viewers and income your channel receives. Hence, don’t be scared to put in the effort—you’ll quickly reap the benefits!

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