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How Much YouTube Pays For 1 Million Views?

1 Million Youtube Views

Have you ever thought about how much money your favorite YouTuber earns from YouTube?

YouTube is a well-known platform, and everyone uses it. Some people watch YouTube for entertainment, and some make their channel to earn money.


On what basis does YouTube pay money?

  • Audience: YouTube analytics sees what kind of audience you have. What are the in which fields audiences have an interest in? Building an audience is very important to earn from YouTube. Understand what content the audience will like and what things you need to improve on your channel. Doing something different or unique over a while will always interest the audience, and it will keep the level of excitement up.  
  • Video Metadata: All the data, like video titles, descriptions, text, and subtitles, also plays a role in earning money from YouTube. Using the right tags that go with your video well and help users find it easily makes a huge difference. Researching the best suitable keywords for your videos is a must for good video metadata.
  • Advertiser-Friendly Content: YouTube pays more money for advertiser-friendly videos. So that more ads can be played. For example. A video that is 15mins long and 4 to 5 ads are being played in between, then the amount automatically increases 4to5 times because of the ads.
  • Originality: You can only monetize your channel if your original content is not copied from other sources. So, it is essential for your channel that your content is 100% original, or else you may get copyright claims, and thus, YouTube will not monetize those copyrighted videos.
  • Make sure your channel follows YouTube policies: YouTube has policies like Community Guidelines, Copyright, Terms of Service, Google AdSense Program Policies, and Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines through which YouTube reviews your channel to determine whether it is suitable or not for monetizing the channel. The reviewers mainly check the Main theme of the channel, Proportion of watch time, most viewed videos, and newest videos.

According to YouTube Monetization Policies, you can only monetize your channel if your channel is eligible. Suppose you have had a minimum watch time of 4000 hours in the past 12 months. Have subscribers of more than 1000. Have no Community Guidelines strike on your channel. These are the minimum eligibility criteria to monetize your channel. Violating any of the policies of YouTube may lead to a loss of money. Especially in the case of copyright claims.

Earning money on YouTube depends on so many factors. These are general factors Country/ Region, Category of YouTube Channel, and Watch Time hours. Let’s discuss them.

To understand these things, you need to understand.


What is CPM?

CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions. It is a metric that depicts how much money an advertiser spends to show YouTube ads. It depends on Country/ Region, Category of YouTube Channel, and Watch time hours.

  • Country/Region: Each country’s YouTube CPM rate differs according to YouTube Rules and Regulations. India’s CPM rate is $0.70, which is 51.94 INR. So, according to this, an Indian YouTuber earns approximately 52 Thousand INR on 1Million views in the present time.


Top 10 Countries in CPM Rates:

  1. Norway – $ 43.15
  2. Germany – $ 38.85
  3. Moldova – $ 29.50
  4. Algeria – $ 24.50
  5. South Korea – $ 17.00
  6. Sweden – $ 18.18
  7. Finland – $ 14.90
  8. United Kingdom – $ 13.75
  9. Canada – $ 13.50
  10. United States – $ 13.00
  11. India – $ 0.70
  • Category: YouTube pays money based on the category of your channel. Different categories have different fixed rates. These categories are Comedy, Singing, Technology, Roast, Cooking, Education, Gaming, Sports, Fashion, Horror, and much more. Other categories, like Reaction channels, get copyrighted most of the time so that they can do better.
  • Watch Time Hours: Watch-time hours play a vital role in earnings. It depends on how long the video is. Longer videos can add more ads in between them. A video with a duration of 30 minutes can earn more money than a video with a duration of 10 minutes, even if they both come under the same category.

For example, there are two comedy channels. On one channel, videos for 30 minutes are being uploaded. On the other channel, videos with 10 minutes are uploaded. So, the first channel’s watch time will be more and earn more money. To maintain your watch time, you should provide high-quality content which interests viewers to watch your full video. Please do not leave it in between. Many videos are long and have ads, too, but they need to be more engaging to keep the viewer to the end. Many viewers may find it boring. So, it is important to maintain engagement throughout the whole video.

  • Engagement: YouTube also decides your earnings based on the type of engagement you have on your channel. It is the reason YouTubers ask their viewers to Like, Comment & Share their videos. The number of subscribers indirectly affects your earnings. That is why they ask you to subscribe to their channel. There is no direct connection between subscribers and earning money on YouTube. Engagement is very important. YouTube decides what type of advertisement will be played based on your engagement. If you have high engagement on your channel, the advertisement with a high rate will be played or vice versa.
  • Live views: YouTube also analyzes how well or engaging your live sessions are. Yes, live views are counted as well.
  • Targeting Other Channels: What some channels do is target other channels. So, whenever someone plays the video of your targeted channel, they will see your channel in advertisements. Which also helps in promoting your channel and boosting engagement on videos.
  • Editing: Proper editing is important to maintain engagement in your videos. Bad editing often irritates viewers, and they may lose interest in your videos. Using better background and good editing makes your videos more entertaining and engaging.


YouTube Revenue for 1 million views

Gaining one million views on YouTube requires a lot of hard work. Creating high-quality content and following all YT norms will take your channel to great heights. YouTube’s pay scale for one million views is around INR 52,000. But it may vary for every creator based on their channel type, location, and other factors. Hence, gaining millions of views on your videos is relatively easy. If you abide by all the terms of service of YouTube and focus on the key factors of monetization, you can easily attract more audience. And you will eventually gain one million views and make a decent amount of money from your YouTube videos.

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