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How To Hack YouTube Subscribers?

Hack Youtube Subscribers

Do you want to know how to obtain more YouTube subscribers? Any channel owner reading this will very likely exclaim, “Yes!”

Let’s face it, having many subscribers is more than just a means to demonstrate your popularity. Increasing your organic reach on YouTube is the best method to make it even easier for people to find your videos and help you reap the benefits of ad revenue.

However, it is more complex than many people believe. As a result, we’ve devised a few simple methods for rapidly increasing your YouTube subscriber count.

But first, we must address the colossal elephant in the room.


Is it possible to buy YouTube subscribers?

Want to grow your subscriber base? It is the goal of almost every creator to boost their subs count. This article will discuss ways to attract more viewers to your videos. So, you can use these legitimate techniques to develop a free and genuine YouTube following.

1. Host a YouTube contest.

Running a YouTube giveaway is an excellent way to advertise your channel for free while increasing your subscriber count.

People enjoy giveaways because they not only have the opportunity to win a fantastic reward but also have the opportunity to interact with channel owners. Giveaways are a great way to commemorate important milestones on your channel, such as surpassing 1,000 subscribers.

If you’re feeling particularly inventive, you can even create your entering action.

However, as we’re primarily interested in increasing our YouTube subscriber count, we’ll remain with the regular YouTube giveaway template actions. The next step is to enter the video’s URL into your action settings.

2. Give Your Channel a Name

Paying attention to your channel branding is another crucial strategy to attract subscribers on YouTube that many people ignore.

A well-branded channel provides users with helpful content while assisting you in being easily identifiable across the internet. Furthermore, unbranded channels are uninteresting and will not entice viewers to subscribe.

Your channel art and icon are the two most significant branding elements. Both elements should establish your brand, so visitors know what they’re looking at and what to expect from you.

3. Make a trailer for your channel.

Create a trailer for your channel as another item on your branding to-do list. For people who are visiting for the first time, a trailer is similar to an introduction video.

You can include your trailer in the YouTube welcome module, which appears at the top of your channel and provides a beautiful opportunity for video promotion.

When people land on your page, your trailer auto-plays, outlining who you are and what you provide.

4. Create eye-catching video thumbnails

Make your video thumbnails more clickable as another quick YouTube tip to get viewers to subscribe.

When a viewer discovers your video, the thumbnails are the first thing they see. A typical thumbnail will only inform viewers a little about the movie they’re about to watch.

The truth is that your thumbnails function as large billboards, and well-designed ones entice viewers to watch and subscribe since they know what to expect from your material.

Your YouTube video thumbnail should have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Six hundred forty pixels is the absolute minimum width.

A clear title and images of the video content are also essential features of good thumbnails.

5. Make Your Video Descriptions More Effective

The following tip can help you improve the discoverability of your videos as well as increase your subscriber count. And that’s how your search engine optimizes your video descriptions.

People who use YouTube as a search engine frequently type keywords into the search box to find what they’re looking for. As a result, while posting your films, make sure to name and describe them in a way that makes it easy for people to find them.

Begin by conducting keyword research for your video. As seen below, looking for similar videos on YouTube and noting the suggestions is a simple method to achieve this.

6. Make use of watermarks with your company’s logo.

Branding watermarks as a free way to attract subscribers on YouTube is the next free trick. Many people are unaware that this option is accessible for free, but it may help you create a consistent brand image for your videos. And we already know that having a well-known brand helps to build brand loyalty.

7. Make Longer Videos

It’s common knowledge that the length of a video on YouTube is the best quality indication. Quality videos, on the other hand, tend to get more views. Considering that longer films tend to rank better, it’s easy to see why long videos are preferable to short ones.

However, don’t try to turn a 5-minute video into a 60-minute video merely to make it longer. It could backfire, leading to consumers abandoning your films due to boredom. Always consider the type of content you’re delivering and tailor your video length accordingly.

It’s vital to keep your audience interested so they can take action at the end, which we’ll discuss next.

8. Use YouTube Shorts

YT Shorts are a fantastic way to promote your central channel. Also, it is easy to use and doesn’t require high-end equipment. So, you can upload short videos on the move in no time. People get a gist of your video and understand the type of content you offer. And then it is highly likely that they will watch your videos. Thus, it is the best way to attract more potential audiences to your channel.



This article teaches you how to obtain YouTube subscribers with 12 simple techniques. All that’s left is for you to put what you’ve learned into practice to raise your YouTube subscriber count by getting more likes, views, and comments. Please take a peek at this guide to building your email list while we’re on the subject of growing things.

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