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California-based in San Bruno A social media and online video-sharing platform, YouTube, is run by Americans. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim unveiled it on February 14, 2005. After Google Search, it is owned by Google and is the second most visited website. Every day, YouTube’s more than 2.5 billion monthly viewers watch a total of one billion hours of video. As of May 2019, videos were being uploaded at a rate of more than 500 hours of footage every minute.

Desk jobs are typically boring unless you work for National Geographic or Discovery. Only a small percentage of degree-holding professionals work for entertaining lifestyle channels. Whatever your line of work, YouTube enables you to follow your passion and express your creativity, whether you’re a writer, producer, performer, or director. There are more benefits to a career on YouTube than just a steady salary. While pursuing your passion, it’s crucial to identify your audience and establish a connection with them.

View time is the most important factor in deciding how well your video is rated on Google and YouTube. Your video’s likelihood of ranking highly rises as the average percentage rises. Keeping your audience watching your video as much as possible is your primary goal when posting it to YouTube or any other digital channel. The watch hour and fundamental optimization are a few other factors affecting ranking.

Be intriguing, educational, or better yet, both! Given that audiences today have relatively short attention spans, it is generally preferable to concentrate on creating shorter films that are packed with excellent and interesting content and get right to the point. Users are more likely to start watching a video and stick with it to the conclusion if the content is free of a large time commitment. Take a look at our video blog, for example. We provide you with brief, practical marketing tips in a minute so you can learn quickly and get on with the rest of your day.


What exactly is watch time?

In essence, watch time is the time each viewer spends watching your video.

Think about whenever you browse Instagram, for instance. They begin to play as you pass through the videos on this platform. If one catches your eye, you might pause and look closer. Have you watched the whole movie? Sometimes. Not at all. How much of the video you watch will affect the watching time.

Now apply that idea to every single person who watched the video. What proportion did they observe? The aggregate of how long each of those viewers watched the video was the total viewing time. It follows that if a video is engaging, viewers are likelier to stick around and see it through. Because of this, we suggest that your movie be meticulously prepared and made.

Views of YouTube Shorts are included in the total number of times a channel has been viewed. However, this does not affect a channel’s eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The YPP enables channels to commercialize and make money from the videos, even though only some qualify to participate. Among other qualifications, acceptance into the YouTube Partner Program relies on 4,000 recent, valid public view hours. It could have been clearer if YouTube included Short’s views in the 4,000 total.

Get More YouTube Watch Time Free

Increase YT Watch Time For Free


As we have made clear, the 4,000 hours of watched content must be standard videos, or what YouTube refers to as films on demand (VODs). A “Shorts Fund” is available on YouTube, and it enables creators to profit just from Shorts films. The following is YouTube’s response to a question regarding the number of short videos viewed daily.

The total number of short views for your channel during its entire existence is included. However, they do not at this time count against your YPP watch time. In case you missed it, the Shorts fund is still accessible as a first step toward commercialization. Additionally, we’ll update you on any fresh information.


How to get more YouTube watch time?

  • Planning content in advance is important for the success of your YouTube channel, whether it features vlogs, unboxing videos, or YouTube lessons. Making YouTube videos in bulk can help you save time and money because a consistent YouTube creator is frequently the most engaging. You may also maintain a regular video schedule using the YouTube series option.
  • Because your videos are more recognizable with branded YouTube thumbnails and channel art, you can increase your return user rates and subscriber retention. Make sure to maintain logos, fonts, and a distinctive colour scheme on your YouTube channel and in your videos for easy recognition.
  • Viewers can more easily grasp your videos thanks to YouTube Chapters. By choosing a timestamp, viewers can jump to particular parts of your video, where each has a gripping narrative.
  • Each time audience watches your YouTube Short, it gets added to the total number of times your YouTube channel has been viewed. Shorts content has a better chance of gaining more views thanks to the YouTube Shorts shelf on YouTube’s desktop.
  • Often, creators need to be made aware of the influence of the comments section. Active video comments are quick and easy to draw in new viewers and persuade them to subscribe. Therefore, your chances of having a successful YouTube channel increase when you build a loyal subscriber base through conversation. By soliciting comments from viewers and answering their questions, you can build a community on YouTube.
  • Create an eye-catching intro for your YouTube video to complement the content if it needs to get the views it should. By showcasing your personality and persuading them that your video has value and is worth watching, a video intro captures your audience’s attention from the very first frame.



The chances are against you when you start a new YouTube channel. Because YouTube needs to know more about you, your channel, your videos, and the types of people who might be interested in watching them, it will only initially suggest your videos to new users, and your channel will grow organically. The best places to look for video content are those with a lot of YouTube search activity and a handful of videos that directly compete with yours. Once you’ve found a keyword with a lot of search volume and little competition, create a targeted video for this topic.

Then, optimize your video’s title, description, and keywords on YouTube. Due to the intense competition can be difficult to distinguish on YouTube, but you need commitment and understanding. You must comprehend your audience, identify their needs, and identify the most revered topics. You must choose whether you prefer a steady income or are willing to put in the required effort when it comes to YouTube. It is always recommended to do your research before making any decision.

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