YouTube Analytics For Other Channels

Since 2005, YouTube has been the best medium for sharing videos, and there are currently over 37 million active channels. Do you have concerns about how to stay competitive? You must know what your rivals are doing if you want to overtake or outperform them in the competition. To help your videos rank on YouTube, you must pay close attention to what your rivals are doing. How about learning about the tools that enable you to monitor how your competitors are performing?


What is YouTube Analytics?

With a variety of statistics and data analytics, YouTube Analytics aids in the analysis of your channel and videos. It displays how well your YouTube videos are doing. How many people have watched and commented on your video? How many subscribers do you have on your channel? You may gauge your channel’s viewers’ interest by counting the views you get on your videos. You might create similar ones to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. You must follow these instructions to view YouTube Analytics for your channel and videos.

Track YouTube Analytics Of Other Channels

YouTube Analytics For Other Channels


Steps to view other channel’s YouTube Analytics

Access to a rival channel and personal brand can expand with YouTube statistics. YouTube analytics collect data from subscribers, specific videos, and competing accounts. By looking at other channel metrics, a creator can learn when to publish a video, enhance subscriber engagement, and engage the audience’s interests.

  1. To access YouTube, you must sign in.
  2. Click on the “YouTube Studio” tab in the top right corner of your profile.
  3. Choose “Analytics” from the YouTube Studio dashboard menu.
  4. There are options accessible in Analytics for an overview, reach, audience, and engagement.

You can learn more about the performance of your channel by following these steps. You can use these YouTube analytics tools to learn about the channel analytics of your rivals.

These tools analyze your channel analytics and the channel analytics of your rivals. You can also use it to assess how well you do on other social media networks. These handy tools make it easy to decide when it would be most convenient to broadcast your videos and when you would get the most viewer engagement. Additionally, it details the geography, gender, and age of your audience. You can read the reports on these sites in various formats, including PDF, PPT, and XLS.

You will need to use a third-party YouTube Analytics service to examine more YouTube channel statistics like average view duration, watch time, click-through rate, audience retention, and target audience. Within YouTube Studio, creators cannot check YouTube Analytics for other channels.


Improve your video content with YouTube analytics.

The next step is to put this knowledge to use by discovering competitors” YouTube metrics. According to its analytics, creators can tell what kinds of video material are successful on YouTube and which are major duds. If your rivals consistently accumulate subscriptions and attract thousands of viewers, they must be doing something well.

Note the popular videos with their target audience and create your material based on those. Avoid well-known copying creators to increase your audience.

Consider yourself a beauty expert with your YouTube channel to get an idea. A new eyeshadow palette is popular on YouTube right now, and other creators are seeing a tonne of subscriber interaction with their most recent reviews and response videos. See when they posted, who is viewing, how long the average watch duration is, and the click-through rate by using your YouTube analytics tool. You can use the unique facts about this video to get the insider knowledge you need to make videos inspired by the original producer.


If I look at their YouTube Analytics, would the creators be notified?

No, if you use any of the aforementioned third-party YouTube analytics solutions, the rival will not be notified that you have visited their dashboard.


Will looking at competitors’’ YouTube channel analytics increase my subscriber count?

Yes, potentially. Since YouTube receives 1 billion hours of daily viewing across the globe, producing highly palatable material is essential. You can get useful information from YouTube Analytics, such as which videos are popular with your rivals. Analytics can assist you in producing a customized film that is even better. You might also try YouTube advertising to increase your subscriber count.

Make plans during the pre-production phase, research by watching competitors” films, and take notes. Please find a more inventive way to do it rather than copying everything they do. To build your brand, concentrate on consistency and look at our comprehensive guide to vlog editing.

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