Why YouTube Vanced Is Not Working

Why Is YouTube Vanced Not Working?

Why Is YouTube Vanced Not Working?Most of the premium features of YouTube, including ad-blocking, offline videos, background playback, picture-in-picture video, and swipe controls for brightness and volume, are available for free on YouTube Vanced, a well-liked modified version of YT. Whatever it is, YouTube Vanced probably has it.

You may obtain the best resolution possible with YouTube Vanced. Although the quality settings on your phone can be limited, we now have a solution. In addition to the dark theme, it also has a black one. From the original YouTube app, both are absent. On YouTube, you cannot directly change the brightness or level of the playing. The YouTube Vanced app’s volume and brightness may be changed by swiping.

If the Vanced YouTube app isn’t working correctly, you can be reassured and confident about fixing the issue. Due to this, we will explore potential causes of Vanced Not Working YouTube issues in this tutorial, as well as solutions.

YouTube Vanced has received a significant amount of appreciation since it was released. But, still, some people were facing issues, and it was not working for them. 

YouTube Vanced is still available as of this writing! The app has been enhanced with a fresh look, more features, and greater functionality. Although some users have noticed minor bugs when using the app, it appears to work as planned.


How can YouTube vanced for android be fixed?

Here are all the fixes for the YouTube Advanced App’s loading, crashing, and other Android errors.

YouTube Vanced or Crashes or Force closes.

YouTube Vanced need the assistance of a tiny replacement micro program to function. A mini programmed called microG imitates the Google Service Framework. It aids YouTube Vanced’s smooth operation and enables Google Account login on the platform. The possibility that the app will crash with the error message “YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping” increases if you have downloaded YT Vanced but not microG.


Solution 1- Install the correct combination of microG and YouTube Vanced

Balanced and microG apps may not work together if you run an earlier version. The app will crash because it might not recognize the correct microG application version. The correct and most recent versions of the YT Vanced and microG apps for Android phones should be downloaded.

The appropriate version of the apps can be downloaded via the Vanced Manager App. The YouTube Vanced Download Manager programmed, known as Vanced Manager, allows you to download and install the MicroG and YouTube Vanced apps directly. Because the manager will handle file download and installation, you won’t have to worry about the “App Not Installed” error for YouTube Vanced.


Solution 2- Install in the Proper Manner

You must correctly install both apps to resolve the problem. On your Android phone, first download microG and YouTube Vanced.

The steps to fix YouTube Vanced’s crashing are listed below:

  1. Set up the Vanced Manager App.
  2. Install YouTube Vanced after installing MicroG App.
  3. Close all open tabs and launch YouTube Vanced to resolve the problem.


Internet connection is not possible.

To solve this problem-

  • Access the Android settings.
  • Manage Account
  • Vanced account
  • Go to advanced YouTube and sign in after deleting an account.

It will fix the issue you have.

YouTube Vanced App is not working.

I suggest a few fixes to fix the Vanced problem on Android if the app isn’t working or loading.

  • Restart Mobile and YT Vanced Clear Data and Cache
  • On the Vanced App, add a Google Account.


Problems Logging into the YT Vanced

In general, the app is stable, and aside from clearing the data and cache, there is little we can do if it’s not working. Make sure the microG App is installed. The microG App supports the regular operation of the App but doesn’t carry out any significant tasks on its own. 

Verify that YouTube has received the necessary rights in Android’s App Settings.


Mobile data and Wi-Fi don’t work with YouTube Vanced.

All YouTube Vanced Android users have the same issue because they don’t use mobile data or Wi-Fi. Here are some easy fixes for YouTube Vanced, which doesn’t function properly with mobile data or Wi-Fi.

  • On your Android smartphone, go to settings.
  • Click on ‘Manage Applications’.
  • Then click Uninstall below after choosing your YouTube Vanced app.
  • Make the MicroG application’s appropriate selection and remove it.
  • Visit the official Vanced YouTube website right away.
  • then put in the most recent variations of MicroG and YouTube Vanced
  • Remove any updates to the official YouTube app as well.
  • Reinstalling YouTube Vanced and MicroG will enable the use of your Google Account and password to log in to YouTube Vanced.


The aim is to resolve all YouTube Vanced Not Working difficulties with this post. Incorrect updates, bugs, and other errors frequently result in problems. This issue could also arise if you use an incompatible version of MicroG. 

But first, try some of these other suggestions. Make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. Additionally, using other apps or browsing the web will present you with something other than similar issues. Your internet connection, not YouTube Vanced, is the cause of the issue if you experience it in all other apps.

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