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Why Can’t I Comment On YouTube?

The 1.7 billion unique users who visit YouTube each month can express what they love, detest, or must troll in the comments section. It’s like the internet’s very own Thunderdome. Still, while it can also be a haven for negativity, YouTube comments can also be a powerful platform for engaging with and building constructive communities.

So! Effectively managing your comments (with moderation, replies, and analysis) is essential if YouTube is a part of your social media strategy and you want to get the most out of your presence there. Engaging with comments has the extra benefit of advancing you in the YouTube algorithm and demonstrating to your fans and followers that you value what they have to say. Search engine results often place videos with many likes, comments, and moderation higher.

Since every comment you post increases your brand’s visibility, it is essential to do so (and a chance to make a great impression on the YouTube algorithm).


The reason why you are unable to comment on YouTube

Commenting on a YouTube video is a great way to show your support and provide feedback. Many video creators rely on their videos’ comments and feedback to improve their viewing experience on their channels. So, why are you unable to leave a comment on a video? If applicable, some of the reasons are listed below, along with potential solutions. Although YouTube may occasionally flag your comments for various reasons, this is only sometimes the case. Find out how to deal with this problem.

All commentators on YouTube must have an account to avoid individuals continuously breaking the terms of service (channel). You will be required to sign in or create a channel if you attempt to leave a comment while not signed in.

Reasons For Can't Comment On YT Videos

Unable To Comment On YouTube


Minor Account

Users of YouTube are required to enter their age when creating an account. Doing this, it can make sure that you are seeing stuff that is suitable for your age. But if you didn’t, the video-sharing website assumes you’re a youngster by default. As a result, you only get a few features, such as the inability to access films that are designated as inappropriate for children or to leave comments.

You should thus check your profile to determine if you’ve entered the correct birthday for your YouTube account if you need help submitting any comments.


The video’s creator has blocked your account.

The person who created the video might have disabled your account if you had previously left abusive or threatening comments in the comment section. If the creator blocks you, you can see their videos but not comment on them.

If the creator has provided their email address, you can send them a message asking them to reconsider unblocking you if you believe you were blocked inadvertently. However, they alone can decide whether to grant you back your rights. The YouTube staff is unable to assist.

Additionally, if your comment was marked as spam, you can be prohibited from leaving comments. It occurs if you post links to other websites, make the same comment more than once, or leave a comment before watching a specific amount of the video.


Refresh your browser or app

It sounds obvious, but it helps a lot. An erratic connection can occasionally result in problems loading YouTube videos. You can see the entire video, but you might only be able to use some of YouTube’s features. If you try to like, share, or comment on the video, you might have problems.

If this is the case, the best solution is to restart your browser or app. That way, you can clear the errors before posting your comment again.


YouTube Restricted Mode is turned on.

You may have a restricted mode enabled on your YouTube account. Click your channel icon to turn off Restricted Mode. You can click the arrow adjacent to Restricted Mode to toggle it off if it is currently on.

Parents, if you want to keep your kids from turning off Restricted Mode, make sure that Restricted Mode is locked on the browser(s) that your kids use to access YouTube. When Restricted Mode is activated, select Restricted Lock Mode on this browser by returning to Restricted Mode.


The maker of the YouTube video has disabled comments. 

The most obvious cause of not being able to write a comment on a YouTube video is that the video’s creator has disabled the comments option on one or more of their videos. To avoid unwanted messages or spam, the video producer may disable comments if the video contains controversial content.

If a video is intended for children, comments are also, by default, disabled. COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), which mandates that users disclose whether a video’s material is meant for children or adults, requires users to do so each time they submit a new video.


Delete Cache

If the previous tip does not work, you should consider going nuclear. When you clear your browser’s cache, you remove all of its saved data, including your previously saved sign-ins.

While this is inconvenient because you will have to sign in to all your accounts again, it may clear any conflicting saved information on your PC and finally allow you to post your comments.


You are unable to leave a comment because you are using a VPN.

The interference of a VPN service may cause an error such as “Comment failed to post.” YouTube may detect whether you’re accessing a server outside your area and stop you from posting comments. Try turning off your VPN service and trying to post a word again.



Creators can add a list of words and phrases they do not want to appear in comments to their blocked word lists. Unless they come from someone on your approved user list, comments containing or closely matching these terms may be held for review for up to 60 days. Live chat messages containing or closely matching YouTube will also block these terms. Comments with blocked words can be reviewed and approved under the “Held for review” tab on your Comments page.

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