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Why Are My YouTube Subscribers Not Updating?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website on the internet, with over 1.9 billion visitors every month. Google has constantly changing terms and features as YouTube has grown.

Growing a YouTube channel demands perseverance and consistency. However, it may be extremely annoying and depressing if the channel’s subscriber count freezes or no new subscribers are added despite ensuring that a new subscriber has subscribed.


Improvements to YouTube Usability and Their Impact on Performance

Every day, YouTube has many users – more than 30 million, to be exact. And each day, these individuals watch over 5 billion videos. On top of that, the platform’s content providers upload over 300

Every minute, 300 hours of footage are produced. As a result, YouTube viewers’ subscription feeds may quickly get crowded.

YouTube decided to make certain changes to fix this issue and enhance usability. A user’s Home page now includes videos from their subscribed channels and content recommended based on their viewing history. And this is done to improve the accuracy of a user’s feed and increase the number of views on the site.

  • YouTube Usability Enhancements:

When presenting videos from subscribed channels, YouTube has opted to make things even more realistic by prioritizing channels with which people engage the most.

So, let’s assume someone subscribed to a channel a year ago. And you viewed their videos regularly for the first 2-3 months after subscribing.

However, you have modified their viewing habits and are now focusing on other channels you have found lately.

In this instance, YouTube will show video suggestions from the channels you’ve recently interacted with. It will also likely propose videos from the first channel toward the bottom of your stream. However, if you start interacting with the initial channel again, it will bring the channel’s suggestions to the top of your feed.

It implies that YouTube creators will need help providing their material to subscribers. As a result, users can no longer use their YouTube subscriber count to gauge their performance because it needs an objective approach to anticipate or calculate overall views.

  • Private Account Restrictions and Real-Time Updates:

Users may notice that the YouTube subscriber count displayed on their channel differs from that in Analytics. It is due to YouTube’s inability to update its real-time channel stats. It takes 48 hours for the platform to update the data on its Analytics dashboard to verify the new subscribers’ legitimacy.

Furthermore, the Subscribers List in Creator Studio will only show the number of subscribers whose subscriptions have been made public. The list of subscribers for new YouTube users is set to private by default. Users have the option of making this subscription list public. As a result, one’s Analytics can only keep track of these.

As a result, their Analytics can only keep track of these subscribers if they have a publicly viewable subscription list, which makes the report slightly misleading.

We decided to address this issue at Influencer Marketing Hub by developing a Live Subscriber Count tool. This tool allows users to watch their channel’s subscriber growth in real-time rather than wait 48 hours for the new statistics to appear in Analytics.

It also allows tracking the subscriber numbers of major YouTube channels in real time. Bookmark this page if you’re ever wondering how rapidly their favorite channels are expanding.

  •  The Effect of YouTube Cleanups on Subscriber Count:

The prevalence of phony accounts on other social media platforms is also present on YouTube. For a charge, certain websites provide their services to provide bot subscribers. These fake subscribers provide no genuine value to the channel because they aren’t real. They only boost the number of subscribers without significantly impacting earnings or viewing.

To put it another way, they only give them the impression that they are more well-liked than they are. To appear more influential, some YouTubers use the cunning tactic of purchasing bot followers. The major reason is that users need at least 1,000 members to monetize their channel.

However, YouTube often does a sweep to remove these spam or bot accounts, so their phony impact only lasts for a short time. The number of subscribers on the networks that purchased subscribers would drastically decline. 1.67 million channels were removed from YouTube between July and September last year.

These accounts were only partially automated; some were taken down for breaking YouTube’s policies. But in December that year, the platform conducted yet another extensive purge of phony accounts. PewDiePie, a YouTuber, lost 80,000 subscribers due to this sweep. The T-Series channel, which had recently surpassed PewDiePie in subscriber count, lost 300,000 members, which is even more startling.

YouTube Subscribers Not Updating


Why have my subscription numbers drastically decreased?

We routinely delete accounts and information that disobeys our standards against spam, fraudulent metadata, and fraud. However, occasionally a larger-than-usual update is required to fix these counts. But don’t worry; we’ll let users know when it occurs in advance!


Why does my subscription count vary depending on where I am?

While search results are delayed by a few hours and YouTube Analytics is delayed by 48 hours, our API data is updated in real-time on the channel homepage, watch page, account switcher, and third-party websites. It’s natural for them to differ as they update at various intervals. Analytics is often the most reliable location for the user to track the number of subscribers.

Analytics is often the most reliable source for monitoring the number of subscribers to your channel.


Why is YouTube’s subscriber count stopped, not updating, or not counting new subscriptions?

It’s typical to observe the channel’s subscriber count stalled in most cases. However, other causes, such as when YouTube verifies their account and deletes spam subscribers, might temporarily freeze the subscription count. YouTube does not update your channel stats instantly; it takes some time to do that. Additionally, users should know how the YouTube subscriber count functions before concluding why their subscription count isn’t growing and is locked at a certain quantity.


How is the YouTube subscriber count calculated?

Around September 2019, YouTube launched the Abbreviated Subscriber Count, making it impossible for users to know their channel’s precise subscriber count. Instead, a user can access a channel that displays the subscription count in abbreviated form.

Google explains that the Abbreviated Subscriber Count’s purpose is to relieve users of some of the strain associated with the statistics so they can concentrate on delivering their story (Subscription count).

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