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How Much YouTube Pay For 1 Crore Views In India?

YouTube is the second most visited website. Presently it is owned by Google. When Google acquired YouTube, the site’s business model changed from relying solely on advertising to allowing for sponsored content sales. YT service is available for free, and it may be a convenient place for teenagers to find interests. Most young people use YouTube to watch comedy shows, how-to videos, recipes, hacks, and music videos.


YouTube Monetization

You have a lot of options for generating income from your content. There are many ways to monetize your channel and content, including regular commercials, selling items, and fan membership plans. There are many methods to earn money via YouTube-:

YouTube Ad Revenues-: Fans can purchase Super Stickers to show their support. They are colourful stickers with humorous slogans.

Super Stickers-: Fans can purchase Super Stickers to show their support. They are entertaining, with colourful slogans and stickers.

Shopping on YouTube-: Sell your goods to your fans directly, just like you would items.

Earnings from YouTube Shorts-: Through a new program called the YouTube Shorts Fund, filmmakers will have access to $100M in 2021 and 2022.

Super Thanks of YouTube-: Additionally, buyers will receive a unique, eye-catching message in the video’s comments section.

1 Crore YT Views Worth in India

YouTube Pay For 1 Crore Views In India


Payment Method of YouTube

Once every month, YouTube will use a wire transfer to deposit your earnings into your bank account.

The statistic YouTube uses to determine how much to pay you is known as “cost per impression,” or CPI. The chance to earn money starts to materialize at 10,000 views. Your number increases every 10,000 clicks. The average CPI is $2. Your videos could have a CPI of just a few cents or as much as $10.

The cost of the commercials themselves, whether or not your audience watches the entire advertisement, your channel’s target audience, and your channel’s popularity are all factors.


Other Method

AdSense Account -: If the YouTube algorithm rewards you with enough traffic to begin receiving payments, it will happen via AdSense. Similar to YouTube, Google owns AdSense, a separate company. Most vloggers accept their monthly payments by direct transfer, usually on the 21st. Be advised that AdSense decides whether your channel qualifies to get any reward at all, and not every content satisfies its requirements. Before signing up, thoroughly review the regulations.

You can send mail checks or wire transfers to pay vloggers who have YouTube channels outside the US. Your CPI rises when you produce exciting and well-liked content. Since you won’t even be a candidate for payment until you reach the crucial 10,000 views, you should concentrate on it.


1 Crore Views in India

The number of advertisements you place on your video will significantly affect your earnings. You cannot add extra videos if the video is less than 10 minutes long. The payments will increase if it is longer. YouTube now offers $1 for every 1000 views. If you, therefore, receive 10000000 views. You’ll be compensated -:

10000000/1000 = 10000$

You could receive 7-8 lakhs of rupees.

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