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Can You Replace YouTube Videos Without Losing Views?

The most used platform in India is YouTube. Being the second largest search engine. India has the highest number of YouTube users in 2022, estimated at 467 million.

YouTube comes with a very embracing Creator Studio that offers many fantastic features using which you can upload, manage content, and check your channel statistics. It helps to manage the content and improvise it from time to time.

It is a matter of great interest to know whether YouTube videos can be replaced or not without losing views. Let us know what this article tells us about this idea.

Every video that is uploaded on YouTube has a unique URL associated with it. A YouTube video cannot be replaced with another new one because each video is assigned a unique new URL or a dedicated link upon uploading. If a person wants to change /replace the YouTube video without losing views, the closest thing that can be done is to edit the uploaded video. The platform lets you trim and update video information for the videos that are already uploaded on the platform. And if you wish to remove the video altogether, then the only option is to delete it. The most important thing to remember is that deleting a video would result in losing views, comments, and likes.

There are instances where you upload a YouTube video, get a few views, and then realize you made a colossal error. You will lose the number of views your YouTube post has received if you fix the problem on your computer before uploading a new video. Is it necessary to have it that way, though?  Fortunately, you can fix simple video issues directly on the video hosting service. Here’s how to correct common video issues without depleting your view count.

YouTube does not want creators to make significant changes to videos that are already uploaded, especially if they have a good number of views. Replacing an existing video with a new one while retaining its properties may mislead viewers and YouTube’s algorithm. The platform is aware that creators occasionally make innocent mistakes or that someone in the uploaded video may ask for their removal. So, to grant that, creators can cut out scenes from their videos without resetting the video’s metrics.


Here’s how to correct common video issues without depleting your view count.

The following devices can be used:

A desktop or laptop

An Android smartphone

An iOS device.

On a computer, editing can be done by deleting your video’s beginning, middle, or end. Cards can be used for video: Cards add new elements to the video. Cards can show specific websites and more. You can also change the video’s title and description: You can organize and change your video’s title, category, description, and privacy settings.

Edit YT Videos without Losing Views

Replace YouTube Videos Without Losing Views


If you wish to delete your videos,

Any videos that you upload can be removed from your Google account. A deleted video is lost forever; it cannot be recovered using YouTube. If you wish to watch the video in the future, make sure you have a backup saved.

  • Open YouTube Studio and log in.
  • Select content from the left menu.
  • Point to the video you’d like to delete, select More, and then Delete forever.
  • To confirm that your video will be permanently deleted, check the box.

If a video from your YouTube channel is deleted, it gets removed immediately, and YouTube will no longer be able to find it. Data related to the video, such as watch time, will continue to be included in comprehensive reports but won’t be linked to the deleted video.


If you wish to modify a video with YouTube’s built-in editor, 

  • It needs to be uploaded to YouTube Studio.
  • Log in to your channel dashboard (which opens in a new window) and select Upload Videos.
  • Choose your video from the Upload videos window, then complete the required fields in the Details window and any additional screens that appear.
  • Choose whether you want your video to be private, unlisted, or public.  A date can also be selected for when your video will be made public, so you have time to edit it. . Alternatively, select “Save.”
  • To choose the video thumbnail for editing, click the Content entry in the Dashboard sidebar.
  • Click the Editor entry in the Details window. To trim down your video, click the Trim command. You can start your video by moving the left border of the video timeline to the desired location.
  •  You can end the video by dragging the right border to the desired location.
  • Select the Preview option and click Play on the video window to see how the video will appear after trimming.
  • Select “Save” to update changes.

YouTube, the most widely used search engine, provides you with an alternate editing option without losing views. It does not have any feature to replace or delete the videos without losing views, as this would violate the YouTube algorithm.

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