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100K Subscribers On YouTube Salary

We use YouTube in our life so much. We dont even realize that sometimes we are just sitting in our beds watching random videos, sometimes we are watching a music video for our favorite artist, or sometimes we are watching a makeup tutorial. Sometimes we watch a ‘how to,’ and sometimes, it may be a food recipe video. We watch many videos on YouTube in our daily life, and we dont even realize it. We can never get enough of the variety of content uploaded on YouTube.


Amount of money YouTubers make

Most of the time watching these videos, we wonder are these people are uploading these videos just for fun without making any money. That may be the case for some people who are just beginning their YouTube journey, but some people whose videos are watched by several people daily are indeed some big bucks. The people who have their channels among the most watched channels are making such a large sum of money that YouTube has become their primary source of income, and they dont need any other source for generating money. They are making enough money from YouTube.

So learning that fact, everyone gets curious about exactly how much these YouTubers make. So from various sources, the information has been generated that YouTubers make about $0.01 to $0.03 per view, and with the help of Adsense, they can make upto $0.18 per view. It may sound like a minimal amount, but we must remember that this amount is per view, and even if you have 500 views, you can make some good money with just a video. Pretty awesome, right? The money the YouTubers make from these videos is also affected by several other factors.

100K Subs Income On YouTube

100K Subscribers On YouTube Salary


Factors affecting the money

Various factors affect the money a YouTuber makes from these videos, so it is not about views anymore. Some of these factors are the qualities of ads, the length of the videos, the number of views the videos are receiving, the ad blockers, and the number of clicks the ads receive. So these were some factors which, with other technicalities, help a person generate some money.

To start getting money from YouTube, the user must have a balance of $100, which is only generated from the views on their videos. Thus, a user needs to have 20000 views in if they are getting $5 for every 1,000 views to start earning money from YouTube. To help video creators, YouTube has introduced a YouTube Partner Program. This helps the video creators to earn by showing ads on their pages.


Salary of a video creator with 100K subscribers

If people have about 100K subscribers on their channels, they can easily make $600-$1000 per week. This will help them generate a salary of $2,400-$4,000 monthly, which is quite good. Subscribers are a vital factor for every content creator. They can easily make or break someone’s channel. These people must love your content, which is why they follow your channel.

These are your fans who have the earliest access to every content you post on your channel. Whenever any video creator posts any video on YouTube, that video is shown on the home page of their YouTube channel. From there, the subscribers can watch and enjoy the video. Subscribers are also precious as these people comment, share, and like your videos. They will also increase audience engagement on the videos.

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